Hey there, awesome people!  Thanks for checking out my new blog.  A select few call me Mar… and you can, too! (It is the Spanish word for “Ocean”.)   I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for years and finally got over any fears I struggled with.  So, it is now under heavy construction and should be completely ready in the next month or two.  

I have had many experiences that urge me to journal with God in my own unique way.  Unique, as each person’s relationship with God is very personal and like none other.  I want to share mine with you because as I write I learn about myself, about God and His plans for me and for the whole world.  Making art is fulfilling, fun, therapeutic and sharing it with you is my small gift.

I will be posting a variety of the minutes from the Eternal Party People Board Meetings where I discuss with God whatever comes up at that meeting.  I will also share plenty of poetry, short stories, marvelous chats,  and journal entries that I have written on various topics of all kinds. 

My dream is also to have EPP, Inc. open a Recording Studio.  Yes, it is already named and shall be called… drum roll please… “ShamRock Studio”- a place where we can work with guest musicians and allow for God to work in miracles, signs and wonders through the music. Hopefully, with Father-God willing, we will have some videos from there so look forward to that in the coming years.

I have some wild dreams for Eternal Party People and we are just getting started… so if you want to come along on this journey with us, I’m thrilled to share it with you!



… oh, and don’t forget to RSVP to the Eternal Party!