Hey Dad!

I can’t believe I slept in until 1:15 pm today- the day went by so fast! I don’t know why I couldn’t fall asleep until 5:30am last night. Hopefully I sleep good tonight.  I am pretty tired so, it should be a good night.

It feels so good to know that I’m going to make the decluttering challenge this month!  Monday will be the last day, so 31 items and then the total will be over 500 items I have given away or trashed.  It feels like an entire new home.  It’s a beautiful feeling!  Now, for 2019 my challenge is to not buy anything “new” and only buy it if I NEED it. (With a few exceptions I told you about earlier.)  I think Goodwill saw me bring about 7 large bags, a lamp and some baskets and I’ll have one more bag to end this month.  It is truly an odd concept that getting rid of things brings a powerful relaxation and new opportunities.  Now I want to have more people over and spending time here is even more special. Why would I ever leave this place? Lol. It’s a sanctuary of paradise on Earth, so it seems to me.

Thank you so muchfor such a beautiful home you’ve prepared for us.  This is my dream home.  I pray we can live here many many more years.  It puts my heart at ease and it’s a life of royalty!  Thank you for this rental and thank you so much for so many blessings!  Family, especially and also for our health!  I love you!

***You are so welcome, Mar!  I love you, too and thank you for all YOU do!  It’s wonderful to have a daughter like you who is so appreciative of everything I’ve given.  Thanks for helping your dad today and for all you do for DB.  They appreciate you and love you very much. 

I know you are tired, so I will keep this short.  Your dad loves you very much and would like you to know that it would be great if you could spend a little more time with them over the next couple of months.  He is in bad shape, mar, and it would be wonderful to have more quality time with them right now.  Your mom would really appreciate it, too.  Invite them over for dinner and go to church with them tomorrow, if you can. Call them when you wake up and see if you could go with them. Ok?  Don’t worry.  I hear your prayers for your dad, but mar- everyone has to come home to heaven sometime. I know you will miss him, but I just want to help prepare you.  It may very well be a few more years, but the time will fly by.  He will always be with you, though.  And I know you feel the same way that conversing with him will always be a possibility.  Ask him to pray for you.  I know he wouldn’t pray for a lotto win, but ask him to pray for your health and stability, marriage, protection from all harm, peace and for prosperity.  He would be glad to do that for you.  Have a restful night.  We love you!  I am always with you.  Listen for me to talk with you more often throughout the day… I can help you in many ways if you do that.  Night.