Hey Dad,

Thank you for Sundays!  What a relaxing morning followed by Church with DB and Café with Jazz journaling here with you now.  Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve already!  I can’t believe 2019 is almost here!  It snuck up on me!  What changes should I plan for next year?  There are so many things I’d like to start doing, quit doing, and also increase doing!  I’ll let you tell me what you think… I’m listening.

***Mar, you have had a great idea to wake up earlier and that is a good start.  It will take about 30 days for you to get into the habit of 5:30am and now that your medicine is cut back a bit, it should be much easier to accomplish!  In that extra time, I’d like you to focus on one thing.  Time with me, reading the Bible and board meeting to get the day started in perfect order. 

Next, I like the OMAD plan you started, so keep that up and going for a walk/jog each day should be ideal.  The weight will finally fall off and you will be at your goal weight before you know it. I will help you, so don’t worry- you are not in this alone!

As for EPP, Inc. – 2019 will be the year we will begin!  It will be official in no time, just keep the faith for the investment funds and for now, take good care of your clients like you always do.  You will soon be able to close that and open the new and amazing Eternal Party People business that we will work together with.  While you are waiting to open, be sure to have fun creating songs by writing lyrics every day, singing and playing guitar, harp, ukulele, keyboards, drums, bongos, bass, tambourine, all sorts of instruments available to you on GarageBand… what I’m saying is- experiment and be as unconventional with your music as you are in person.  You are unique and so should your music be.  Get a daily dose of music!

2019 will open a whole new world of wonder.  It is about time for renewing your life.  The decluttering process you have been through this past year has made a way for the new.  You’ve given so much for the less fortunate and not only in the things you’ve given away, the donations you’ve made and the smiles your always giving people… you have given your will over to my will.  For that, you will be blessed.  I  can take it and use it for the people I intend to touch with my love.  It will be appreciated by not only me, but by many.  Your prayers for the lost needs to be made more urgently.  That is the main thing I would like you to work on this new year- your life is to be dedicated for the people in the world who do not yet know me.  I will make their lives blessed and through your songs, together, we will help bring more light into the world.  The darkness will vanish only when the light is made bright.  I will do this, Mar.  You only need follow my lead.  Remember- I’ve Got This!  And once you’ve got that, then You’ve Got This, Too.  Lol. I love you, Mar.  You’re doing great.  Don’t believe the lies that Lucy tells you when he tries to make you feel like you’ve missed the plan.  No.  You are right on target.  Relax.  I’m doing a new thing and I’m in control.  You are my living enterprise, and I can not fail and I will not allow you to mess up anything… so quit asking me if you’ve messed it up. Impossible.  As long as you keep looking for my lead, we’ve got this thing covered.  Love you, Mar.  Enjoy the rest of the day.