Hey Dad!

Thank you so much for a great day spent with my good friends. I enjoyed myself and am a little tired, now.  I’m waiting for my second wind to come!  It’s only 6:30 and I’m sleepy which I don’t understand because I slept in until 10am this morning!  I bet it’s because I broke my fast (OMAD) with a big dinner and now all my blood is digesting; leaving my brain in sleep mode.  Lol.

I want to play guitar and keyboards in a little while. Maybe DB will go upstairs to study so I can use the basement.  It’s so nice down here!  We’re both using it a lot more since I decluttered it a bit, it’s more relaxing of an area to hang out on the couches, now.  So, I just wanted to thank you so much for finding this awesome gem of a home for us!  We love it here and I pray we get to live here for many more years!  Thank you!  You are awesome for setting it up for us!  Please bless LPMgmt and MG for us!

***you are so welcome, Mar!  I am glad you like living there and appreciate all the work that went into it! I had you in mind when the architect drew up the plans… I knew you would be living there 50 years later… it is just one of the many surprises I had planned for you from the beginning of time. Your entire life has been scripted and ready for you to step into accordingly each day.  You make the decisions and I have it planned for you accordingly.  It’s complicated to explain free will and how that ties into my plans and accommodations that I line up for each person in the entire world who ever was-is-or will be! Yeah, that’s right- mar!  Lol. You could say that’s pretty astonishing… but it is true indeed.  Keep praying for my will to be done.  Keep hoping for the next chapter and praying for the investment funds to come in for EPP, Inc.  Meanwhile, make some music and have fun!  We love you!