Hi Ya! So, I’m here at ABC sipping on tea and wanted to catch up with a note since I haven’t written much this year. I am still doing the marketing gig… boring, but pays well. I am holding onto my dreams. Still playing lotto. Maybe tonight I’ll win Powerball. Of course, I’ve said that almost every Wednesday and Saturday since 2008… can you say “Loser”? Oh, I know. I know… why don’t you just give up- you ask? Ok, well… I just feel that it is a part of the plan. I feel encouragement through other people prophesying over me.


I was told a few weeks ago that I have been in preparation mode a long time and that I am now ready for the next big thing… 🙂 yes, You heard that right! So, of course, I will hold on to that promise. God has really kept me interested in His business/plan and I want to be a part of it. I asked God today to please forgive me for acting like a spoiled little girl… thinking mainly about myself. Yes, I want to help in spreading love and His Kingdom. But somehow, I lose perspective and only think of myself and my family instead of the big picture. I keep thinking how fun it will be for me and DB… to not have to have a “job” but instead work in God’s plan and work for God.


It is rather selfish and greedy for my to not think more of all the people around the world that will be healed, have food, miracles… I should be planning more ideas on the Trinity phone, writing songs, practicing guitar/ukelele or even planning more details. I did meet a professor at VU who said he would be able to create a chip for the phone, and I told him a little about my plan for it. I mentioned that I’d love the apps to have a function each for bringing healing JC Care, miracles, food multiply- that’s about all I mentioned to him. He is from China and he is super nice. I’d love to have him work on it for me. Of course, I’ll need funds to make it happen- along with many miracles, of course! Thus, comes in the lotto necessity.


I am excited to make music with many different artists… I was told there are no boundaries… (prophesy) God will open doors and bring the right people into the plan. His plan. I need to keep reminding myself it is all God and a little bit of me. I need to get humble. I really should take a good hard look at my attitude. I am taking so much of this for granted. Who am I that God would use me for such an awesome plan? If only it comes to pass. If only.


Dear Lord, forgive me for all my ungrateful and proud thoughts, feelings, actions and misdeeds in light of all your love. Please forgive my selfishness, impatience, greed, laziness, and sometimes hopeless thoughts. You are on the throne; don’t let me forget that. Give me grace to be humble like you, Jesus. I have so much to learn. Please give me gentle guidance in improving my mindless and wavering ways. I am so happy that you love me. I am so happy that you care about me, and every single person on Earth. We don’t deserve you, yet you call us your own. I am a Child of the one true King… it’s just too good to wrap my brain around.


RW said he saw a crown on my head with red gemstones and polka dots on it… all I could think of is that It’s a party crown! Maybe like confetti on my crown. I have a crown?!!! How kewl is that? Since we know how to give good things to our children, how much more would God give good things to His kids?! Would he give me a snake when I ask for bread? No, and I don’t need to worry about things like “What if He can’t help me with lotto because I’m not praying enough/ well/correct, etc… what if the devil wins that battle and I never win the lotto?” no, if God wants it to happen, His will is going to happen. Nothing is too difficult for the One who created all the Universes… no, He is a big boy and I don’t have to worry about God. He can take care of Himself. If I am still in his plan…If I haven’t messed it up too terribly… then it’s all-good.


God knows my weaknesses and He can even use that for good. God doesn’t need me to redeem the world… only Jesus can do that. I just ask to have one stomp on the serpent’s head and I’ll be happy. I only want to see Lucy pay. He is such a loser! I’d get great satisfaction in helping you, Lord in any small way to see your kids come home, and have a great time at the Eternal Party. I would love, love, love to help out in that planning committee. Could you provide a spot on the committee of ShamRock Studios and Trinity Phone or any other planning committee? I promise I will do my best to work hard for you…continue to make these crazy dreams come true. I offer my life. I know serving you will come with persecution. I have already suffered much at home. You know. And I know that is just the beginning. I know that many in this world may like to see me dead. Suffer greatly before killing me and call me all sorts of names. No matter to me. All the more fun in eternity when I get to see you and be with you and party with you.


Give me courage and strength to endure this world. Like I said, I offer it all up to you. You are my life. I would like to make you proud. Not disappointed. But I know all you ask of me is to be true to you and listen for your voice in this crazy world. Do you have anything you would like to tell me?


Mar, I love you. You know that. I would like you to relax, enjoy the ride. It will be amazing. Yes, now you are in the calm before the storm. Are you ready?


yes!!! I am. I can honestly say that I am. Much preparation, and I am ready for the next “Big thing”…


ok, then Mar, here we go. Hold on tight. We’re off like a heard of turtles. It’s not a sprint but a marathon. You do not need to hurry and worry about anything. That’s the good news. I am in complete control and believe me when I tell you that you really will enjoy this much more if you put the details and how it’s going to come together into my hands. We will work on this “project” together but seriously, mar- I got this. I am soooo not worried. No, Lucy is the only one that is shaking in his “boots”. … he and his pals are seriously pooping in their pants. 🙂


You heard them gasp – didn’t you? They all gasped when they caught wind of the trinity sign… remember.


*Yes, I remember! That was awesome but I’m sorry if I have given away too much of our strategy.


DON’T worry. You are doing amazing. mar, I can’t express how much joy you’ve brought to us. (Heaven is cheering you on and having a blast watching it all unfold.) You have to go now, ABC is closing. I’ll talk with you again soon. Journaling works best for me, if you could meet me here a couple times a week… that would be great. 🙂


*ok, I’ll try. Please remind me. Love you!