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December 31, 2018

Hey Dad,

Last meeting for 2018!  Thank you so much for meeting me here and for all your guidance when I seek it. I am sorry that I did not seek your help more often every day!  Thank you for your endless mercy and for redeeming me as your own!  I am sorry for all my mistakes over 2018 and am very grateful for your forgiveness!  Thank you so much for family, friends, our jobs, a home to live in (a beautiful home!), and for all the healthy food we eat every day.  Your love is endless and blessings more numerous than I can count! Thank you for calling me your daughter and for being an awesome father! Thank you, Jesus, for all you do for us, Holy Spirit- thank you so much for making it possible to relate to God in spirit and for the power you have put inside of me… the power that raised Christ from the grave lives inside of me!  That is amazing!  Momma- thank you for sending angels to protect me and DB and for always interceding for me in prayer to God.  Thank you so much!

***We are very glad to be in your life, Mar, and we are looking forward to an amazing 2019!  It will be a year of miracles!  I would like to tell you a few things to get you ready for 2019.  First, you will find out that I am more powerful than you ever knew and that your prayers will be answered more quickly.  When you think of something, look towards me for your answer.  When you need something… look towards me for your answer.  When you fear something… look to me for your help and protection.  When you struggle with something… look towards me and I will help you!  When you are grateful for anything… look towards me and sing out loud in joy! Don’t be shy.  Sing OUT!  Let it go, let it flow, let the whole world know!  EPP will be born in 2019!  The wait has been long and your patience is appreciated!  You’re so welcome, thank you-Mar!  Thank you for trusting in me.  We are very impressed by your tenacity and long suffering… thank you for offering it up for lost souls.  Thank you for all you desire to do for the family business (of saving souls) and you will be very helpful in this regard.  There are many people who are excited for the next chapter to begin in the plans we have for you.  All of heaven is watching and cheering you on.  Can you hear them?  Lol. You will one day. 

Enjoy 2019 and savor every minute of it.  It will be glorious and you don’t need to be nervous that you will “mess it up” because that is not possible! As long as you have fun and look for my leading… it will be a great journey of Love, Light and Laughter!  You can do this and you will… I’ve seen the future and it is amazing! Enjoy!  And have fun tonight with DB and your friends!

Thank you for successfully clearing out over 500 items from your home this month.  The minimalism challenge game was a success!!! You made it to the end of the month, so YOU WIN!  Now, the next chapter opens up and can move into your life.  It will be amazing!  Remember, no new items to be bought in 2019 (by you) so, when you win the lottery, you will need to remember the deal.  Of course, pay bills, buy your supplements, groceries, gas, etc- things you NEED.  Experiences are fine to enjoy… But any product you just WANT for yourself needs to be a gift from someone else or buy a used version of it.  Nothing new that is not something you NEED.  And you have all you need- right?  Right.  DB can gift something to you but you can’t ask him to buy it… maybe hint if you really, really want something and you can’t find a used version of it.  It will be a fun year full of love, laughter and light. You will give much away so be prepared for serving and gifting to others.  You will be a blessing to many in 2019.  We love you!  Enjoy!

December 30, 2018

Hey Dad,

Thank you for Sundays!  What a relaxing morning followed by Church with DB and Café with Jazz journaling here with you now.  Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve already!  I can’t believe 2019 is almost here!  It snuck up on me!  What changes should I plan for next year?  There are so many things I’d like to start doing, quit doing, and also increase doing!  I’ll let you tell me what you think… I’m listening.

***Mar, you have had a great idea to wake up earlier and that is a good start.  It will take about 30 days for you to get into the habit of 5:30am and now that your medicine is cut back a bit, it should be much easier to accomplish!  In that extra time, I’d like you to focus on one thing.  Time with me, reading the Bible and board meeting to get the day started in perfect order. 

Next, I like the OMAD plan you started, so keep that up and going for a walk/jog each day should be ideal.  The weight will finally fall off and you will be at your goal weight before you know it. I will help you, so don’t worry- you are not in this alone!

As for EPP, Inc. – 2019 will be the year we will begin!  It will be official in no time, just keep the faith for the investment funds and for now, take good care of your clients like you always do.  You will soon be able to close that and open the new and amazing Eternal Party People business that we will work together with.  While you are waiting to open, be sure to have fun creating songs by writing lyrics every day, singing and playing guitar, harp, ukulele, keyboards, drums, bongos, bass, tambourine, all sorts of instruments available to you on GarageBand… what I’m saying is- experiment and be as unconventional with your music as you are in person.  You are unique and so should your music be.  Get a daily dose of music!

2019 will open a whole new world of wonder.  It is about time for renewing your life.  The decluttering process you have been through this past year has made a way for the new.  You’ve given so much for the less fortunate and not only in the things you’ve given away, the donations you’ve made and the smiles your always giving people… you have given your will over to my will.  For that, you will be blessed.  I  can take it and use it for the people I intend to touch with my love.  It will be appreciated by not only me, but by many.  Your prayers for the lost needs to be made more urgently.  That is the main thing I would like you to work on this new year- your life is to be dedicated for the people in the world who do not yet know me.  I will make their lives blessed and through your songs, together, we will help bring more light into the world.  The darkness will vanish only when the light is made bright.  I will do this, Mar.  You only need follow my lead.  Remember- I’ve Got This!  And once you’ve got that, then You’ve Got This, Too.  Lol. I love you, Mar.  You’re doing great.  Don’t believe the lies that Lucy tells you when he tries to make you feel like you’ve missed the plan.  No.  You are right on target.  Relax.  I’m doing a new thing and I’m in control.  You are my living enterprise, and I can not fail and I will not allow you to mess up anything… so quit asking me if you’ve messed it up. Impossible.  As long as you keep looking for my lead, we’ve got this thing covered.  Love you, Mar.  Enjoy the rest of the day.

December 29, 2018

Hey Dad!

I can’t believe I slept in until 1:15 pm today- the day went by so fast! I don’t know why I couldn’t fall asleep until 5:30am last night. Hopefully I sleep good tonight.  I am pretty tired so, it should be a good night.

It feels so good to know that I’m going to make the decluttering challenge this month!  Monday will be the last day, so 31 items and then the total will be over 500 items I have given away or trashed.  It feels like an entire new home.  It’s a beautiful feeling!  Now, for 2019 my challenge is to not buy anything “new” and only buy it if I NEED it. (With a few exceptions I told you about earlier.)  I think Goodwill saw me bring about 7 large bags, a lamp and some baskets and I’ll have one more bag to end this month.  It is truly an odd concept that getting rid of things brings a powerful relaxation and new opportunities.  Now I want to have more people over and spending time here is even more special. Why would I ever leave this place? Lol. It’s a sanctuary of paradise on Earth, so it seems to me.

Thank you so muchfor such a beautiful home you’ve prepared for us.  This is my dream home.  I pray we can live here many many more years.  It puts my heart at ease and it’s a life of royalty!  Thank you for this rental and thank you so much for so many blessings!  Family, especially and also for our health!  I love you!

***You are so welcome, Mar!  I love you, too and thank you for all YOU do!  It’s wonderful to have a daughter like you who is so appreciative of everything I’ve given.  Thanks for helping your dad today and for all you do for DB.  They appreciate you and love you very much. 

I know you are tired, so I will keep this short.  Your dad loves you very much and would like you to know that it would be great if you could spend a little more time with them over the next couple of months.  He is in bad shape, mar, and it would be wonderful to have more quality time with them right now.  Your mom would really appreciate it, too.  Invite them over for dinner and go to church with them tomorrow, if you can. Call them when you wake up and see if you could go with them. Ok?  Don’t worry.  I hear your prayers for your dad, but mar- everyone has to come home to heaven sometime. I know you will miss him, but I just want to help prepare you.  It may very well be a few more years, but the time will fly by.  He will always be with you, though.  And I know you feel the same way that conversing with him will always be a possibility.  Ask him to pray for you.  I know he wouldn’t pray for a lotto win, but ask him to pray for your health and stability, marriage, protection from all harm, peace and for prosperity.  He would be glad to do that for you.  Have a restful night.  We love you!  I am always with you.  Listen for me to talk with you more often throughout the day… I can help you in many ways if you do that.  Night. 

December 28, 2018

Hey Dad!

Thank you so much for a great day spent with my good friends. I enjoyed myself and am a little tired, now.  I’m waiting for my second wind to come!  It’s only 6:30 and I’m sleepy which I don’t understand because I slept in until 10am this morning!  I bet it’s because I broke my fast (OMAD) with a big dinner and now all my blood is digesting; leaving my brain in sleep mode.  Lol.

I want to play guitar and keyboards in a little while. Maybe DB will go upstairs to study so I can use the basement.  It’s so nice down here!  We’re both using it a lot more since I decluttered it a bit, it’s more relaxing of an area to hang out on the couches, now.  So, I just wanted to thank you so much for finding this awesome gem of a home for us!  We love it here and I pray we get to live here for many more years!  Thank you!  You are awesome for setting it up for us!  Please bless LPMgmt and MG for us!

***you are so welcome, Mar!  I am glad you like living there and appreciate all the work that went into it! I had you in mind when the architect drew up the plans… I knew you would be living there 50 years later… it is just one of the many surprises I had planned for you from the beginning of time. Your entire life has been scripted and ready for you to step into accordingly each day.  You make the decisions and I have it planned for you accordingly.  It’s complicated to explain free will and how that ties into my plans and accommodations that I line up for each person in the entire world who ever was-is-or will be! Yeah, that’s right- mar!  Lol. You could say that’s pretty astonishing… but it is true indeed.  Keep praying for my will to be done.  Keep hoping for the next chapter and praying for the investment funds to come in for EPP, Inc.  Meanwhile, make some music and have fun!  We love you! 

December 27, 2018

Hey Dad!

It looks like I’ve almost finished the month of December with a post each day so far… I think you had a great idea to ask me to commit to it. I see the benefits and it isn’t too hard to do when I can have longer or shorter meetings.  I will try each month to get daily briefings!

What would you like me to know today?  Do you have something to tell me?  I’m listening…

***I know you’re tired. I am too.  It’s been a long month full of activities… that’s even a lot for me- creator of the universe!  So many people in the world.  So much joy over this time of year… and so much pain in the world at the same time. You and me- we will start a love revolution and I will heal their hearts.  Thank you for saying yes.  You say yes so many times I can’t count all the times- but you must take action. Each day— Do a kind act in  deed, word,  or prayer -each day.  This is how you connect with me and build treasures in heaven.  It will help heaven come down to Earth!  A ripple effect is what is needed.  A Revolution of Love!

Also, dear mar, please take more time in 2019 to create music.  I will help you.  Write lyrics all the time.  Sing all the time.  Sing also in tongues- the “LaLaLove Language”.  Lol.    Record on GarageBand.  Play guitar. Don’t feel bad.  You have not missed anything.  You haven’t missed anything.  You haven’t “messed up my plans”.  You are always exactly where you need to be.  Every day of your life has been written in a book and your decisions have all been made and done.  Guess what…. You win!  You did it! All that you are called to be and do… you were and did it!  I am outside of time.  I am the God of the past, present and future and God can NOT fail!  You are my living enterprise, Mar- and I can NOT fail!  So, you really should quit worrying.  It is a waste of time and energy.  If you are tired, take a nap.  If you think of a lyric- write it down!  If you sing- sing loudly and be proud of your talent!  You are the only Mar in the world who can sing like you, laugh like you, smile like you, think and love like you.  Only you can do you.  Don’t worry about a thing.  Every little thing is gonna be alright.  Every little thing has been arranged and is waiting for you to step into your future, one day at a time.  Enjoy the journey.  Don’t regret the past.  You didn’t do anything that I didn’t already know about.  You are loved.  By many. More than you know. You have touched many people’s lives – so many you wouldn’t believe it if you knew of all the people.  Your smile and loving personality is a powerful force that many people were touched by your interaction with them.  It is good that you are about to grow into your next stage of growth.  With your meds down just enough so that you have the ability to be more clear in expressing your thoughts and have more energy to be your best self.  You are no longer experiencing a strong paranoia of good/evil in people.  It is almost completely gone now.  It is very freeing.  Enjoy.  2019 will be amazing.  Get ready for a wonderful ride through the next chapter which will be soon revealing itself.  I love you, too, mar.  Have a great evening!



December 26, 2018

Hey dad!


Wow, this break is going by so quickly!  I am trying to get in gear for a big change in 2019 or should I say a few big changes (plural).  I think OMAD and staring back to running is going to be a big help not only physically but mentally, too.  I need to get back into the energy mode.  I’ve been in sloth, lazy mode long enough!   (OMAD= one meal a day) where I fast 22-23 hours a day eating in a one to two hour window each day.  I hear it is great for lots of things – namely weight loss, longer life, disease fighting and autophagy which heals at the cellular level.  I want to be more on the vegan side maybe only eat a few eggs and some Kefir maybe, in addition to vegan diet.  What do you think?  I also want to start recording more of my own songs.  I always had fun doing that, even though they weren’t very good… I don’t care….. It was fun to me.


***mar, that sounds like a great plan!  I will help you with it and 2019 will be an amazing year for you.  I have many surprises for you!    Just take it one day at a time.  Plan your day and work your plan!  Together we plan and together we win!  Just remember that.  Include me in your planning sessions.  Do a plan session each night before you go to bed.  Ok? This is what will help you succeed! Let’s do one for tomorrow right now. Go to your calendar and lets get it set up for success!  

December 25, 2018

Hey Dad!


Merry Christmas!!!  Happy birthday, Jesus!  Thank you for family, your love and presence with us this Christmas and for helping me with my struggles.  Thank you for coming to Earth…Lord, you came down here off your throne and became a little baby to redeem us all.  When Christ was born, the whole world changed!  Your Kingdom, Come and Your Will be Done!


I am so tired, I am sorry that I am so weak when it comes to the marathon of a Holiday. I think I need a nap.  I have no idea how my mom does all this for us.


*** it’s ok, Mar.  Don’t worry.  I know you try and I see your struggles.  Yesterday was a long 10 hour day and the stimulus with all that went on was a bit much for you.  You don’t need to feel guilty.  Everyone will be over to your house tonight but you don’t need to worry about it.  No one expects you to compare to your mom.  She is the hostess of the mostest! No one can compare to her dinners.  She has a lot of experience and the house for it!  Jesus just likes to see people happy at the Holidays, so that is your main goal tonight.  You don’t have to be sorry that you are so tired… you have limitations that aren’t your fault.  Go ahead and pick up the food for tonight and when you get back you will have a little while to rest up before everyone comes over. 


I will help you.  Love you, mar!




9:32pm- everyone left already and house is all cleaned up. Laundry in the wash, DB working on music, I paid the rent so it will go out tomorrow morning and I just wanted to thank you, God!  We all had a great time tonight- we ate mom’s delish dish of pasta, desert, played poker and mom and I sang karaoke while M played the snare drum to little drummer boy. Great day.  Happy Birthday, Jesus!  I hope you had a good day!  Earlier today, I felt so tired and shaky worrying about throwing a dinner party. I had nothing to worry about.  I don’t know why I got so stressed beforehand. Thank you so much, God, for the best family in the world.  They put up with me and are great to hang out with.   This is my second holiday without drinking and it is more enjoyable this way! So, I’ve not drank for almost a year and a half, now.  Don’t miss it.  It’s just a waste of calories and a brain fogger.  I don’t need that, my brain needs all the help it can get just to get by! Lol.   Hey Dad… I was wondering if you think we could win the lottery tonight? Commencing count down… engines on. Check ignition… and may God’s love be with you.  Lift Off. 3.2.1. Liftoff?  I hope I haven’t messed up your plans.  Or, maybe I’m confused about what you want from me? I’m stepping through the door… and I’m floating … the stars look very different today…


Twenty minutes to the floating balls… thought I’d just mention to you that if you wanted me to win… tonight would be a great gift to DB. He deserves all the best and I really don’t want anything but the go ahead to start EPP, Inc.  I’m geared up for it.  I hope I passed any tests.  I know I was a little shaky earlier today, but we finished good, right? 17 minutes to blastoff?  Love you, whatever happens.  Just know I’m ready and excited to start the next chapter when you are.  Your will.  Not mine. Love you, Dad!

December 24, 2018

Hey dad!


Sorry for attempting a super quick meeting… I only have 5 or 10 minutes.  We’re headed out to mom and dad’s house for Christmas Eve Dinner celebrating your birth, sweet Jesus!  I am sorry that I get so worked up over your Holiday!  Looks like it will be fun but a lot of people and a lot of family relations and all that goes with that.  I made a huge salad and garlic bread.  (Not too much garlic, though.) ten of us together.  Yikes.  Help me be calm, cool and collected tonight and tomorrow.  You’re the reason for this amazing season… help me remember to be kind, loving and helpful.  I feel good this year.  Sleep great last night and slept in this morning so I will have energy to last through midnight celebration mass at Holy Cross.  DB wanted to go with me for the great music.  Thank you for helping me endure what I deal with in my mental struggles. It looks like you’re with me so far helping me remain sane and with a good mood, loving spirit, and positive outlook.


***I am always with you.  Thank you for offering to host dinner tomorrow at your house.  Your mom really appreciated it.  I will watch over to make sure nothing gets spilled that would stain like the wine… so don’t worry about that.  Don’t expect people to be any different, so be prepared not to care what goes on with everyone.  You just relax and enjoy.  You do have a great stability today and tomorrow will be the same.  Smile.  Breathe. Know how much we love you.  Thank you for making Christmas a joy for others.  Next year we can do pizza.  Lol. Remember that family is important and DB loves it when you are helpful to your mom.  Relax.  Merry Christmas, mar! 

December 23, 2018

Hey dad!


Lol… hi!  You have to best sense of humor!  I love it when you pop right into conversation with those two words… “Hey dad!” I love your works of art, too! The funny invasion of the squirrels devouring the corn and bird seed we put in the back yard… the “wall of windows” makes it perfect like we are right in the backyard with them.


I’m listening to Calling Home… Major Tom with Bill Shatner’s vocal track… so funny.  5,4,3,2,1, zero… ignition.  Lift-off. I’m ready and the actual jackpot for Christmas with MegaMillions is 321 Million.  The countdown starts?!!  Nothing left to chance.  All is working… send me up a drink- jokes major Tom.  Haha.  What a great gift that would be for DB and me, and hopefully the gift grows into the age of miraculous in Music… miracles for everyone… warming hearts to faith in you. My prayer.  My crazy little prayer.  I’m on a mission from God… Lol- just like the Blues Brothers!  So funny.   I love you, Dad!


***Huston- Roger, we copy and we’re standing by for your cd.  You catch the smallest clues I send to you.  You saw the billboard “You’ve Got This” and the numbers that have been associated for your continued faith and hope for my investment to be finally made.  The fact that you’ve hung on this long to your dream after so many years and hardships, means that I can’t leave you hanging on forever.  I hear you and I am so glad you hear me.  It’s going to be amazing!  Keep coming to these briefings so we can be on the same page.  There is much work to do!


Have a great Christmas.  I am glad you are looking forward to seeing everyone and the gift exchange.  You got some nice gifts for everyone.  Enjoy mass tonight (4th week of advent celebration) and mass tomorrow with everyone at 4pm Christmas Eve, and then if you can make it, come to 8am mass on Christmas morning!  You will love it!  Enjoy. Talk with you soon!  Keep looking for my lead.  Rest and enjoy. Repeat.


December 22, 2018

Hey Dad!

How’s it going?  I am so tired today!  I think this will have to be a short meeting tonight.  I don’t really know what to say except that I am looking forward to Christmas! We’re having everyone (10 of us!) over for pasta and deserts.  Mom is making most of it, and I’ll just make a salad and garlic bread to go along with her pasta.  There is going to be so much food in the next 3 days!  She wants to get together (focusing on way too much food) for deserts on Sunday, dinner on Monday, then Christmas: brunch and then dinner over here.  I hope I can pace myself and try to under eat since it will all be such rich foods.  That is the only thing about the holidays, there is way too much food – foods that I normally try to stay away from.  It makes me a little stressed out to have so much laid out for almost a week (with leftovers).  It takes away the true meaning of Jesus’ birthday when all you’re doing is preparing, cooking and cleaning and then repeating non-stop dining for 3 days straight.


When mom asked if everyone could come over here, she said it would be for Sunday before Christmas Eve and would just be 8 of us getting pizza delivered.  Then it moved to Christmas dinner for 10 of us and then she wanted a sit down dinner with her baked pasta, salad and garlic bread then desert….. It just kept getting more and more until now, I just don’t care how it turns out.  I can’t stress over it.  The pressure is that she makes everything so formal and perfect.  No way I can compete.  I guess I’ll get out the china and silver.  It will be fun.  It will be nice and it won’t be a big deal.  (I keep telling myself.) I just need to relax.  It will all be ok. Christmas traditions of eating so much just wears on me by the end of it all.  It puts me in a bad mood and that’s the last thing I want at Christmas.  This year will be different!  I will take breaks and I am determined to have a good time and enjoy myself and enjoy DB and enjoy the gatherings!  So, help me, God.


***lol, I’m laughing, Mar, because you are not the only one that feels this way!  Most people feel that way when they try to be perfect hostesses over the holidays.  The stress is not worth it, but just appease your mom this year.  Next year, we can figure out a plan if you want to try something different.  Maybe not have so many big meals planned.  Your sister has an additional meal(s) with the in-laws.  It’s the American way!  Lol. Take time the next 3 days to be silent and talk with me.  Listen especially and meditate to relax.  Try it now for 5 minutes.  I’ll wait.  … didn’t that feel good?  Yes, I thought it would.  Leave the room periodically to a quiet place and rest a little every couple of hours.  When you are tired, you get a little stressed which makes you say things in a tone that you wouldn’t normally say.  Slow down. Breathe.  Smile.  Take your time and don’t let anyone push you around.  Just ignore when you are being spoken to in a controlling manner.  Just know you will be home soon and free of the stress. 


Enjoy yourself. Not everyone has family and few have as wonderful and loving of a family as you do.  You are blessed and I know you know it, but just remind yourself when it gets to be too much.  Come to me. Rest in my love.  You are going to have the best Christmas ever!  Your new dosage will allow you to think more clearly and quickly.  You will be more like yourself this year then previous years because of the lower dosage. You can handle more now than ever before.  Test it out. You will be amazed.

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