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December 21, 2018

Hey dad!


Just saw Aquaman in 3D at IMAX theatre.  It was a good choice to splurge and get the expensive 3D tickets- the movie was pretty amazing!  So, tell me, Dad, is there a whole other civilization in the seas or at the core? Maybe an alien nation(s)?  It sounded pretty crazy when I first heard the theory on Art Bell back in the early 90’s but now the world is so completely crazy, anything is possible!


Anything is possible… hum… that sounds like the lottery’s logo/motto/advertisement… and in about one minute, the drawing will happen somewhere in the USA – I think New York.  Please help my numbers come up?  In Jesus’ name, I pray the start of the next chapter of my book in heaven.  Please turn the page so we can get started with the age of miraculous in miracles that you’ve been telling me about!  If not, I understand.  I would just only want what you want because your vantage point is way above mine, and you see all and you know all!  You know exactly what needs to be done next and you know what is most helpful. Merry Christmas, God!  I know it’s in 4 days, but I like to start the celebrations early and keep celebrating about a month long for my birthday, so I figure that Jesus gets at least 2 months of parties!  You are amazing, Jesus!   I LOVE YOU!



*** I love you, too, Mar. I thought you would be addressing Father God, but you realize that we are all one, so I can chat here with you as well.  Right?  Right. I know you have a hard time understanding the concept of how to address “us”.  Just address whoever you want to speak with, but know that we are all one spirit with three different personalities.  “We” are all God and we are one.  We are three.  Basically, don’t worry about trying to figure it out, but maybe think of it like this: Water can be liquid, ice (solid) and vapor the are distinctly different yet all H2O.  It is really not anything we can put to words right now, but anyway- you were mentioning my birthday!  I love celebrating anytime of the year!  I love seeing people enjoy themselves with friends and family. Thank you for taking such good care of DB.  He is a wonderful man and your love for each other is strong after all you two have been through.  Love at first sight.  We in heaven all watched when you first met and when your eyes locked and both of you felt a bolt of lightning/like a flash of light that you both remember all these years later.  That light was seen in all of heaven.  Love is a beautiful thing to witness.  Be good to him.  He needs you. He may not say it often or let you know just how much, but he loves you dearly.  He appreciated you getting tickets for the movie tonight.  He used to watch the cartoons growing up and so it was a perfect way for him (and you) to start your vacation.  Now, about vacation… you will have a long one coming up and you may just be able to start your new business EPP, Inc. soon.  Just saying.  You may have to pass a test or two more, but “you’ve got this”!   Just like the billboard said! Lol.  I love you, too, Mar and we all love you and DB. Be nice to him – especially when it’s difficult.  Your reward in heaven is great because you have love in your heart for everyone you meet. Now that you have a tweek in your meds, a little lower dosage, you will find the energy and thinking boosted just enough.  You feel much better, I know.  Yes, your not so slow to think and the numbness in emotions is quickened and sharpened.  You have a great doctor and therapist.  You will find when they retire next year or two, that your next doctor/therapist will be just as helpful if not more so.  So, you don’t need to worry.  You are well taken care of!  And- I am always with you.  Never fear, Mar- JC is here!  I love you and you are doing great.  So, now why don’t you go and check the numbers. 

Love you- xo!

December 19, 2018

Hey Dad!


How’s it going?  I can’t believe I almost forgot our meeting today!  I would forget my head if it weren’t attached!  I almost recked a perfect string of meetings so far for December! (My advent goal of “daily” meetings… not just some days of meetings- lol!)


Thank you so much for an amazing evening of music- I love singing and playing guitar for you, even though I have  zzzzero talent!  It will surely be a miracle if I ever play well in this lifetime!  In heaven I’ll be able to sing and play like a pro…. Maybe when heaven comes to Earth, if I’m still here, I can become a great worshiper in songs.  I only hope I don’t make your ears hurt when I play… that would be a miracle!  Lol, no- I’m don’t think I’m THAT  Bad… so bad that a father would ask me to stop ruining his evening with my playing.  Well, my earthly dad actually did say something to that extent… a couple of times. He really knows how bad a singer I am. Lol.


*** Oh, don’t listen to him, Mar!  You have fun and that’s all that matters, and what’s more- Mar, I love it when you sing songs about me, about Heaven, and about love.  We all love it when you play, so you should play more!  You’ll improve over time, just keep playing and who knows, maybe you’ll get a “talent-download” and miraculously start playing and singing so well that everyone will want to hear your songs! You have so much fun with it, that is the best part of us watching and listening to you- you crack us all up with your joking around and the banter you get in the lyrics/songs.  You will have fun with the audience.  I can already tell… your songs have personality! That’s something that is so unique about your songs.  You should write more songs over break!  Pick a poem you wrote and make it into a song!  (A happy poem, not the “Give Up?” Poem… that will bring us to tears.). You got this!  And… I’ll help you because ultimately- “I’ve Got This!” 


Have a great night and get lots of sleep.  Tomorrow will be a day full of wonder and love.  Don’t worry about anything but with faith and prayer and supplication. Sing in LaLaLove language (Supernatural Language of Love) and you will be strengthened in many ways, miracles will break out in your live, and you will turn your life into the miraculous musical genius you know you will become through my power and my plans.  Yes, it will happen and No, this is not a delusion of grandeur.  Don’t laugh. It’s true.  Ok, so now you’re going to doubt me after all we’ve been through? Lol.  Ok, so you’re on the same page as me now?  Yes, we are looking at your Lifetime Book and man is it a page turner… yes, it is a long and wonderful life-book on your journey.  And yes, I do see that this page is well worn out and that you would like to TURN THE PAGE to the NEXT CHAPTER!  Haha, we all do.  We see how difficult it has been and we are glad that you never gave up.  Your spirits are finally back to normal.  We are so glad to see you so happy.  Enjoy your lunch with your dad on Friday.  He will love to read your poem… the revised version of it is much better than the one you sent your mom.  It’s powerful.  You guys will have a good discussion about it.


Night.  Take care of DB… he needs a hug.

December 18, 2018

Hey, Dad!

I love the idea you gave me last night for the “Internet of God” to take the place of the World Wide Web (a sticky one that binds us up eventually to suck the life out of us with the future Artificial Intelligence, machines, taking over the world.) I would never “augment” my brain with the cloud… merging with the computers just to “stay current” with the world. No.  I believe that you would never allow that to happen… the end of humans as we now know it.  Evolving into cyborgs- your plan must be better!  I imagine going to the Holy Spirit and gaining access to all we need through Him.  Through you. I heard that the augmented brain would be manipulated of feelings, thoughts, images, movies- all controlled by someone else.   I would never trust that!  That is like giving away your soul.  My God, who would want to do that?  Lots of people, so it seems.  DB said that he would consider it.  Wow, what we need is more of you, God!  You can do so much better than any computer system could!   Can I help you in getting any plans you may have with regard to this issue to people?  I would love to make songs about this if you want.


***Now you’re thinking, Mar.  Yes, we have much work to do and will be so much fun to create!  Yes, I will do everything, only you need to relax, enjoy and follow my lead.  I’m in control.  I’ve got this.  Yes, even this is in the plans.  You are good to bring it up here.  Now we can do some strategic thinking and brainstorm together.  There are so many people that will come to know me but many will be deceived and lied to by the powers that be.  The “Deep State” is real and they are powerful, but not any more of a nuisance to me than a fly I flick away with a finger.  You are in good hands (not Allstate- lol) when you are with me you will move mountains..  Never look too far into the future because it will seem overwhelming.  Just look to me and see what I have for you to do each day. Don’t worry.  You haven’t messed up anything.  This is just the calm before the storm and oh what a storm it will be for the dark side.  Just know that you only need to shine the light and the darkness will disappear.


We love you and you are so close to starting the next chapter.  Hang tight.  Buckle in. It’s going to be the best ride you’ve ever had!  ShamRock Studio is getting ready for the final touches for you and DB.  Yes, you will still have that special studio you’ve had your eye on.  Yes, that is where the good work will be done, but in your home right now, also, is a miraculous place.  Spend some time with your gear using it in many unique ways, unconventional and new creativity will emerge from you and me working together.  Experiment with it and see what happens.  Also, you can record some Podcasts: Musing with Mar … when you get some time next week or this weekend.  You have a lot of material to talk about.  We can get them uploaded at a later date.  Work on organization with your files so that you will be able to find everything easily later on.  For now, have fun getting ready for Christmas and get your sleep, water, rest and healthy habits down.  January starts in just a few weeks so you can plan for what you would like to accomplish in 2019.  We can work on that together. 


Good night, Mar! You’re loved by many.  You are a good person, no matter what lies are told to you by the enemy.  Don’t listen to him.  You’re impressing heaven with your tenacity, faith, love and joy.  Keep up the good work.  Cheers. 

December 17, 2018

Nothing is going to stop me but divine intervention…. I won’t hesitate no more… I can not wait- I’m YOURS!  Dodo dodo Do ba domdodo ba dom dodo….  You’ll find love, love, love…

Love you, Jesus!  I’m yours!  I can not wait, this is our fate… I’m YOURS!  I wish upon a star…

Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly (I see them fly). Ok, sorry, I’ll try to focus now.  I’m just a lover of music.


Haha… I love you, love you, love you- Jesus!  I can’t thank you enough for your love.  You are my everything,  I am yours and you are mine.  My beloveds- you and my DB.  You always make me so happy, your blessings, protection, joy, promises of eternity with you and all my loved ones.  I pray we all make it, dad.  Please don’t be angry with the world.  We’re just in a stupid stage right now… lol.  The world doesn’t know any better.  Just look at our culture here in the USA- we’re all heathens.  Lol.  We just – in general, don’t know how to live in your love.  I went through all the stages, too.  Heathen, great sinner, I was confused with all the religions- worshiping all different paths as a way to you.  I was so lost and confused.  Thank you for not giving up on me and for faith that WILL move mountains… may we all be mountaineers soon! May your Mercy wash over the Earth with power, miracles, signs and wonders!  You’re my golden sunshine, whatever happens, count me IN!  We’ll walk together through this journey, by my side!  I’ll reach for the sky!  I’m pushing the clouds away walking by your side… walking with you, talking with you!  (Sorry, Matisyahu is one of my favorite artists right now… it’s in my earbuds.). Lord, have Mercy!


*** Ok, can you please pause it for a second.  You can come right back to it… lol.  Yes, Chet Atkins is good music to talk over.  I know the café is noisy, mar… that will help drown it out.  So, I want to tell you to keep asking for my mercy onto you and on the whole Earth.  People need to pray for that, especially now.  I have so much love and mercy for my children, but they must ask for it in order for me to justly give it out.  I won’t push this gift on anyone… only suggestions and information for everyone… the choice is each individual person’s decision.  Just know that it is painful and we want all the family to come back home.  The flames of love are burning Jesus’ tender heart.  Please write a song about Divine Mercy.  You can start with a poem and we’ll make it into a song.  Please add this on your to do.

December 16, 2018

What a gorgeous day, God!  Thank you so much for the sunshine!  It was great to be able to air out the house, clean the windows, rake the leaves… on December 16th!!!  I was very productive so far today, laundry, cleaning… I’m pooped!  I think I’ll take a short brake before I tackle the poetry class homework, wrap the presents, upload posts, declutter the filing cabinet and storage closet, and enjoy some guitar practice!  Thank you for the cardinals and blue jays that we got to watch this afternoon… I love life!  Thank you for the gift of living in this crazy world! Thank you for making it so enjoyable and blessed- I know ALL good things come from you!


*** You are so welcome, Mar!  I love giving good gifts to my kids- especially when they take notice of even the little things and say thank you.  You may think you aren’t grateful enough, but I see your heart and I know all that you feel is often gratitude!  I also like that you hardly ever complain.  One thing I would like you to work on is to not feel like DB needs to do more.  He is doing his best and he works hard, so when he comes home- it is good for him to relax.  Reward always comes to those who deserve it… so don’t worry if you feel you do more than he does.  Try not to ask him to do anything, but do all things with a good attitude, lovingly and giving of yourself.  When you do favors for him (or anyone) do it with love and the reward is great.  Love you give is all that you can take with you. Heaven will be worth the effort where the reward is eternal and not only that, but comes 1000 fold in return for the good you do on Earth.  Think of this when you do something and start to feel like it isn’t fair, that you think you’re doing more than he is, etc… and remember that when done with Love, this is all you can take with you.  Love. Love wins.  Love rules.  Love is everything.  Share it with everyone you meet, everyone you think of, and everyone (especially everyone) that is difficult to love.  There, your reward is great.  We love you, Mar, and you are doing great… don’t give up and keep growing in love. Especially do all things for DB with love.  I know this is especially difficult for you when you believe he’s evil and sent to torment you.  When you love in the face of this issue, your reward is 10,000 fold of a reward.  It’s like a bonus round!  Lol.  Rack up the points here, and your assignment will be smoother and easier to manage. Remember this.  This is key to success for you.  Loving when difficult- take it as a challenge and relish in the victory!  You will go very far in a short amount of time.  Pray and intermittent fasting will enhance the potency of your prayers. Pray over everything.  You will see many miracles happen if you do this… more than you could ever imagine.  Miracles will break out in the music you will record.  People will know your mine by your love.  Especially since it is often a challenge for you… you can do this!  I know all things.  I see your struggles.  I am telling you it doesn’t have to be this way when you look at it as a chance for the bonus round!  10,000 fold of a reward!  Can’t you imagine the power of this?  Try this… imagine the game show Jeopardy- then look at each situation where you are struggling to be loving and imagine the box flipping open and it says: “Mar, if you succeed in loving right now, your points are not $200— it will be $2,000,000!!!”  Lol-  That would be…  More money to give away to bless others who need a touch of love in their life!  It’s a game of love!  You should write a song about this game of love so you can remember to use it more often!!!  To make it a habit!  Our love’s in Jeopardy… Baby!!! Oooohhh, ohwooohhh!  Greg Kihn Band. Eternal rewards are better than any amount of money can buy and blessing others is the name of the game.

December 15, 2018

I am trying my best to hit my goal of daily meetings… even if they are short visits here.  I hope you don’t mind.

Tonight in the homily at mass, Father mentioned not to “Give up” and that “Anything’s Possible” – that’s so funny because that is the title of each of my poetry written on the Lotto!  Haha!  Dad, are you trying to tell me something here?  Lol.  He also mentioned that there were some healings reported from prayer at our parish this year.  That’s awesome that he announced that, and I pray that it becomes a weekly announcement as you work powerfully through your children and heal your family physically, mentally and spiritually! Do you think we can start a healing movement in the local Catholic Church?

*** Well, Mar- “Anything’s Possible”!   Whatever you do, don’t “Give Up!”  Lol

You will see amazing things start to happen.  Your next chapter is about to begin and you should know that I love you and I love all my children.  I hate to see them suffer.  I am coming and the world is about to change in many miraculous ways!  Sing about it and sing loudly!  The world needs to know that their Heavenly Father loves them and is about to lavish his love on his kids in a way so that they will know I am real and that they are well taken care of in many ways- that I desire all to come home to heaven for all eternity.  It will be a fun, amazing and wild ride!  Please take care of yourself so that you can live another 50 years on this assignment!  Live long and prosper!  Lol.  Enjoy the ride, mar!  I have great plans fo you.  (And the world!)

December 13, 2018

500 items given away, trashed, or sold… that’s the goal this month.  Minimalism challenge (13 items out of the house today… 14 items tomorrow, etc.). I didn’t know I had this much still left to get rid of after the move… I got rid of about 20 car loads to Goodwill when we moved here. 2 bags and a lamp last weekend and  3 garbage bags full just from yesterday and today.  It really feels good to only have items that give me value, or that I love. I hope I can finish the challenge to January 1st and let 2019 be a year of not buying anything new.  Only food, medicine, utilities, gas & oil changes and maintenance, toiletries, and experiences like movies, concerts, and lessons… oh and lottery tickets ($40 every 5 weeks). That seems like a lot… maybe I should not buy anything used also? So,  no Goodwill, etc.  I have plenty of clothes.   No shoes. Definitely no books!  I can use the library.  No restaurants except I can join others and get a soda or coffee.  Hum, what else am I not thinking about?  This is a fun challenge for me!  I’d like to cut back spending to fit within DB’s income and my income going towards our retirement and generosity in giving to charities. (As a goal)

***I will bless your efforts to cut back.  You are content and happy with all that you have, so I think “No Spend” is a good idea! Take it one month at a time with the goal to see how many months in 2019 you can commit to “No Spend” as you defined above.  Enjoy the rest of the December Minimalist Challenge.  You have a lot of items in the basement that you could get rid of next in your office and storage closet.  (You have a computer, music books, journals, papers in files, a button collection you could maybe sell, picture frames, office supplies, art supplies you aren’t using… I know this is getting more difficult.)  I hear you.  No worries, you will feel amazing once you get down to only what you use and get value from (ie: Books in your bookcase and shelves).  You will save a lot of money in 2019, especially if you take on some new clients and work to full capacity… or you may win the lottery, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy anything more!  DB Can, but I challenge you to keep to your “No Spend” Plans. That would be amazing!  Haha, I hear you like that challenge!  We shall see how you do!  Good Luck!

December 12, 2018

Hi!  Thank you for another great day full of profitable work, decluttering, relaxation, video watching and tonight we are going out- probably to a café for some studying.  I am so content and blessed, peaceful and joyful most days and wanted to thank you for an amazing life!  I am safe, well fed, well housed in a beautiful house we get to rent, we are both in good jobs and I get to be my own boss.  Thank you for the clients you’ve given me to work with.  Thank you for all the warm clothes, blankets, working furnace, money to pay the bills and save some each month… thank you that we are debt free,  thank you so much for family, faith, your mercy, and an eternal home that I hope to be able to return to one day.  Thank you for your love, guidance and persistence to always help me out when I need correction.  I love you, God!

***I love you, too, Mar.  You are a good kid.  You always think of me and that makes me happy.  You try your best and that’s all that is asked.  Love in your heart keeps growing and you are doing a great job in managing your life by looking to me and asking what needs to be done.  You don’t always do it, but you try.  That’s key.

Could you do me a flavor… haha, I mean favor…. Could you pray for your dad’s health, long life, turn back time, back pain to be gone, supernatural weight loss, stable blood sugar, healing from head to toe and another 30 years life! 

-Yes, I try to pray for him oftentimes but I don’t feel like it is helping him.

***It is helping, you must pray more and with great faith, gratitude for having him in your life and with the “laying on of hands”.   I know he seems not to like it – that it makes him uncomfortable… try it one more time and see what happens!  He will allow it.  Don’t hurry it.  Take your time with it, too.  It will be another miracle like when he was healed of the blockages in his arteries… the doctor was amazed.  Remember? That was God at work, through prayers. Your prayers.  Don’t feel embarrassed.  This is not a laughing matter and anyone who laughs at you praying is the one who ought to be shamed.  Pray for him at the next opportunity you have with him.  Tell him I asked you to pray for him and he will allow it.  It’s ok.  He will be ok and you will, too.  Hang in there.  You have a heart of gold, Mar.  We all love you.  Have a good night and enjoy your time with DB tonight. 

You’re welcome, I am glad you are happy, and I am glad you are appreciative.  Thank you for being so compliant with the daily board meetings.  They are very important.  I know it’s difficult sometimes to get started, but well worth it, don’t you think? Yes.  Love you, too.




December 11, 2018

Life is so amazing, Dad.  You are so good to us, thank you!  It’s funny how things always work out.  When you think it’s bad one day then you take a nap and wake up in a whole other world.  It’s wonderful how you surprise and bless the world.  It’s always a joy to see what you will do next!  Thank you!!!

What would you like to tell me?  Is there anything I need to know today?  I feel like I haven’t taken the time to listen to what you are saying, today- I’ve been sort of out of it, ya know.


***You fell fast asleep this afternoon, you needed it.  Your brain needed a break… you feel much better,  now- right? 

I am glad you are no longer self-conscious about the mental illness stigma.  Now days, it’s not a big deal… everyone is a little crazy in the world right now.  You’re probably one of the sanest people I know! Lol. 

Mar, I would like you to know that I do have good plans for you- plans to prosper and use you for a good and wonderful purpose.  You don’t need to worry about making anything happen.  When I say sit back, relax and see what God will do… I mean that in the most complete way.  I have great heights for you to climb but it will be a joy, not hurried- not panicked- not strenuous… no.  It will be as a dance with the Lord God Almighty- let me lead!  I know the way to go.  Follow me.

It needs to be such a great ease to the movement.  Such great joy and peace- that is how it must be.  I can’t work with you all stressed trying to make things happen. Lol.  Relax. Your pops is doing all the legwork. Your job is to sit back and follow instructions as they come and no pressure trying to figure it all out. Take it one step at a time and I will make it obvious for you.  All you need to do is be quiet to let me speak to you.  Listen.  I am not so far away that you should strain to know my will.  In relaxing peace I speak.  Keep journaling.  Keep writing your story in poetry and songs.

You will have about a month to arrange the paperwork and figure out the taxes, claim form, investments… relaxation throughout the next processes will be the  KEY TO FOLLOW ME.  Thank you for saying yes again and again!  Your testing went well.  Your heart is in the right place.  You only need to step back, smile and dance with me.  Don’t rush it.  Open up your plans to me and then you’ll see… love, love, love.  I’m Yours.  (Jason Mraz). Love this song, too.  Enjoy your evening.  I’m always with you…. Love you, Mar!  You’re such a good daughter- thank you for sticking with me all these years.  You’re loyal, true and have a great heart. Night.

December 10, 2018

Hi Pops… I wrote this for poetry class today.  I just wanted you to know that I won’t ever quit on you.  I am a fighter and you’ve taken me this far.  You won’t leave me stranded here now, will you?  I hear you saying that you want me to play it cool… relax… don’t get worked up. I should know that you still have plans for me and for EPP, Inc.  There is much work to do.  Staying healthy is number one.

*** You’re doing great, Mar!  Hang in there and know how proud I am of you!  You are a trooper, so strong, and tenacious!  You are doing great!  Keep the good fight.  Believe, love, laugh and enjoy because your next chapter is just around the corner. You are soooooo close!  Try not to think so much or try to make it happen. Your Pops is in charge and God can’t fail!  You are my Living Enterprise… we’re just in the construction phase now, but so very soon we’ll be open for business! 

Cheers, Mar!

Love you and I love your poem! 


~yo daddy, the God of the Universe… Almighty Father who is in control of all things… so have no fear!  I’m right here!



Give Up?

Unsure if I should call him to go with me this time,

I had a feeling it wouldn’t go well.

You never know- loving and good?

The opposite?

The car was warm inside,

heated seats in the luxury automobile with

two hours plus to go.

I didn’t know what I would encounter.

Never do.

We got to Exit 4,

crossing the border to

our Indiana destination.

Everything was going well so far.

He behaved himself.

Not evil- but good.

I pumped the gas and went in.

He asked me to buy some Fritos,

and I bought what I drove an hour to get.

Returning happily to the parking lot,

we continued back home.

“Will you say a prayer?”

 I asked again…

“Won’t you just mention it to God for me?”

I asked the last time… a third request.

A beggar, it seemed at his repeated refusals.

Dad said, “God probably thinks you’ll go crazy if you win.”

I squeezed the beige leather hand rest,

Crumpling the fresh printed ticket in my hand.

“He knows what’s best for you.” He added.

I clenched my teeth

so as not to say something I regret.

In the background constantly

cycling Good-Evil, Evil-good,

makes me dizzy.

Then back for another round,

my head about to explode.

Not wishing this on my worst enemy.

Even Doctor Wiz can’t help.

I’m just a puff in the air,

any sane person would give up

such a fantastical dream.

Driving home

I wondered how much longer

I will have to wait to

start the next chapter.

I wondered if

Sham-Rock Studios…

The studio where music heals and

dreams come true,

would ever become

a reality.

I wondered when,


God may step in with His

Powerful Love,


the age of the miraculous through music.

I wondered when

every man woman and child

will know Him as their

loving father-

knowing fully the extent

of His love and mercy first hand,

warming hearts to faith.

I wondered

about all the plans He has…

can He still use me?

With a divine investment from God,

I’d finally know the truth:

I’d finally be assured that this


He put into my heart

is not just some

symptom of mental illness;

delusions of grandeur.

Faith took me this far-

I can’t quit now.

As the sunset shone bright

through the windshield and into my eyes,

I struggled,

holding back a cascade of

frustration in tears.

I won’t give up,

even though gambling by God’s lead

sounds so strange-  even to me.

Yet still,

for over a decade,

I play along.

I won’t give up,

I just pray that I don’t mess up

any plans He may have.

Father God,

Please don’t give up on me.


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