Hey Dad,

Last meeting for 2018!  Thank you so much for meeting me here and for all your guidance when I seek it. I am sorry that I did not seek your help more often every day!  Thank you for your endless mercy and for redeeming me as your own!  I am sorry for all my mistakes over 2018 and am very grateful for your forgiveness!  Thank you so much for family, friends, our jobs, a home to live in (a beautiful home!), and for all the healthy food we eat every day.  Your love is endless and blessings more numerous than I can count! Thank you for calling me your daughter and for being an awesome father! Thank you, Jesus, for all you do for us, Holy Spirit- thank you so much for making it possible to relate to God in spirit and for the power you have put inside of me… the power that raised Christ from the grave lives inside of me!  That is amazing!  Momma- thank you for sending angels to protect me and DB and for always interceding for me in prayer to God.  Thank you so much!

***We are very glad to be in your life, Mar, and we are looking forward to an amazing 2019!  It will be a year of miracles!  I would like to tell you a few things to get you ready for 2019.  First, you will find out that I am more powerful than you ever knew and that your prayers will be answered more quickly.  When you think of something, look towards me for your answer.  When you need something… look towards me for your answer.  When you fear something… look to me for your help and protection.  When you struggle with something… look towards me and I will help you!  When you are grateful for anything… look towards me and sing out loud in joy! Don’t be shy.  Sing OUT!  Let it go, let it flow, let the whole world know!  EPP will be born in 2019!  The wait has been long and your patience is appreciated!  You’re so welcome, thank you-Mar!  Thank you for trusting in me.  We are very impressed by your tenacity and long suffering… thank you for offering it up for lost souls.  Thank you for all you desire to do for the family business (of saving souls) and you will be very helpful in this regard.  There are many people who are excited for the next chapter to begin in the plans we have for you.  All of heaven is watching and cheering you on.  Can you hear them?  Lol. You will one day. 

Enjoy 2019 and savor every minute of it.  It will be glorious and you don’t need to be nervous that you will “mess it up” because that is not possible! As long as you have fun and look for my leading… it will be a great journey of Love, Light and Laughter!  You can do this and you will… I’ve seen the future and it is amazing! Enjoy!  And have fun tonight with DB and your friends!

Thank you for successfully clearing out over 500 items from your home this month.  The minimalism challenge game was a success!!! You made it to the end of the month, so YOU WIN!  Now, the next chapter opens up and can move into your life.  It will be amazing!  Remember, no new items to be bought in 2019 (by you) so, when you win the lottery, you will need to remember the deal.  Of course, pay bills, buy your supplements, groceries, gas, etc- things you NEED.  Experiences are fine to enjoy… But any product you just WANT for yourself needs to be a gift from someone else or buy a used version of it.  Nothing new that is not something you NEED.  And you have all you need- right?  Right.  DB can gift something to you but you can’t ask him to buy it… maybe hint if you really, really want something and you can’t find a used version of it.  It will be a fun year full of love, laughter and light. You will give much away so be prepared for serving and gifting to others.  You will be a blessing to many in 2019.  We love you!  Enjoy!