Q1- Jesus, I don’t know what to ask you tonight, but I want to tell you I love you. I am honored to know you and I hope that I don’t disappoint you too much. Help me help you save souls. Put me on the team! Show me what to do for this life-long project. I am committed. I give you my life. Do with it whatever you see fit. Help me be the person you are calling me to be.

*** Thank you, Mar. You have been through so much already. Thank you for saying “yes” all these times over the years. The computer has the evidence… lol. You will soon see things turn around. I will help you get to where you need to be.   Trust in me. You are loved and you will be guided through it all; through every step of the journey.


Q2– Love, Holy Spirit, will you please equip and empower me to be the person you are calling me to be? What can I do now while I am waiting to start EPP, Inc?

*** Just take it one day at a time. You are doing great. Stay balanced. Get your businesses’ work done and do your best- like I know you always do. I will let you know what needs to get done when it needs attention. I am with you always. Read and watch videos on blogging and wordpress. It will soon come in handy! Wink, wink… your numbers are soon going to come up… (the lotto balls) lifted up by the breath of God. I know it sounds odd, but you have been led to play lottery all these years. it is for a good reason… ShamRock Studio will be the place for us to work with you in signs, miracles and wonders. EPP, Inc. will be funded bountifully, all for the Glory of God. Enjoy the ride. The journey is beautiful.


Q3- Dad, I am sorry that I haven’t gotten more accomplished these last 10 years. I know I have done a lot but it seems all scattered around in different interests… spread out thin so I have not accomplished much in any one area. Guitar, ukulele, drums, voice, recording, church groups, tennis, working out, health/nutrition videos, poetry classes, writing classes… it is all over the place. Should I narrow it down and choose just a few to continue or just do whatever I feel like doing?

***heck NO, you are my daughter, aren’t you? Yes- well then go for it! Do it all! I will help you! Do whatever your little heart feels like doing… then go do it! We will be with you in all of it. Enjoy!

 Actions Requested:

I will be guided every step of the way. Enjoy the journey.

Research WordPress and Blogging

Do whatever I feel led to do. Enjoy!

 Closing Comments & Petitions: Thank you for meeting with me and for your love. Thank you that you haven’t given up on me. Help me grow to become the person you are calling me to be. Amen! Xo ~Mar