Appreciation & Gratitude:  Thank you, God, for giving me the opportunity to serve you and help the world get ready for your Kingdom Come! Thank you that you can use a weak vessel like me, I am not worthy to tie your shoes… or even to know you. Thank you for your friendship, love and support. Thank you for music and for saying that you will help me play instruments. I look forward to that, and will try it out this week to see if you can help me out. Thank you for friends, family, and my wonderful hometown. Thank you for blessing me with many opportunities for live music and all kinds of interesting things going on all the time in CU. Thank you for the delicious lentils I had for dinner. Thank you for blessing my work and for closed sales. Thank you for our bills being paid and all our needs met. I love you!

 Q1-St. Michael, I am being attacked and feel like I should ask you what I could do differently when I get a feeling of paranoia around certain people… like DB.   I know the Schizoaffective Disorder has this symptom. It is not real obvious or scary; more like a nuisance. But last week it went too far. The “hex” went too far. I don’t want to put up with the enemy in my life any more. I am ready to take on the offence and terrorize Lucy, instead of the other way around! Tell me what I need to do. I want to have my hubby back without the paranoia in the mix. It’s not fair. I am a Child of the Most-High God… I don’t need to stand for this, now, do I?

*** Mar, I am at your service. Only ask me to fight your battles. Give me marching orders, command us (the army is at your service) to help you. You are a commander. You have to ask us in order for us to work at our top abilities. Just say: “St. Michael, Go! Crush the enemy with your army and foil the enemy’s plans to harm and terrorize me… you- go get them and tell them to leave me alone… Leave DB alone and don’t bother us ever again- or else! Now, Go get ‘em! Whooo, hoooo!”   That should be our order to fight for you and DB… say it as many times as you need to, maybe once a day out loud… or better yet, make a song about it! That would be awesome!


Q2- Jesus, thank you for your love and for fighting on my behalf. Thank you that you took my sins upon the cross and suffered for what I deserved to receive. I love you! What can I do for you this week that would show you I love you and appreciate you? I want to do something to show you my appreciation.

***  I would love it if you could try to visit me at the adoration chapel more often. I have a lot to share with you there. Also, if you could come more often during the week for mass, I would really like that and it would surely bless you. Try to come around more often. It will transform your relationship not only with me but also with all the people you know. You will grow to be more Christ-Like and more loving through the gift of the blessed sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. You will see what I mean, why not try it this week. Come to mass Wed, Th, and Fri morning. You will be amazed.      


Q3- Love, I would like to learn to play my Jaguar… he looks bored and wants me to play him… I got him a new strap that is cool… it looks like a ska-checkered drive that one day I will have. Black and white strap looks great with the grey and black body. I would like to start working on a new song. Any ideas? I can YouTube the lessons.

***I thought you would never ask… I will help you along with the lessons online. How about “What’s so Funny … ‘bout Peace Love and Understanding? Another great song for you would be a Bob Marley song… how about “Don’t Worry… “Bout a thing” ( to go along with the “”bout” theme… lol.) You will have many fun times once you get back into it. I will show you how to solo. It will be a blast and you will amaze yourself with my help, you will go far quickly!  


Q4- Dad, I love you! Thank you for giving me a great life. I have been through many horrible things and I hope that is all in my past. I pray that things will only get better and better. Please help me when I get down and please keep my family healthy and alive for a long long time. I need them! I couldn’t do this without them, even though they drive me crazy half the time… My fault, I’m sure.

***   Keep praying for them and their health. Make some songs about your love for them and your prayers for them. Your songs are powerful prayers. Don’t laugh. It’s true. I will give you time for all of this soon. Hang in there. I know your schedule is like kray kray… lol… just do what you can. Jot all this down in your notebook to get to when you have the time. Don’t worry, but in all things… have fun!

 Actions Requested:

Write a song for St Michael and his army- Go get ‘em! Whoo-hoo!

Go to mass/adoration chapel during the week as much as possible

Play What’s so funny and Three little birds on Jaguar

Make some awesome song/prayers for family long life


Closing Comments & Petitions: Thank you, God for your sense of humor and love, friendship and might! You are amazing! Please have victory in all the situations listed on my prayer intercession list. Thank you that you can use me for good and I pray that you have many people offering their lives for helping bring your kingdom to Earth! The harvest is large, but the laborers are few… send more to help this large feat of bringing light into the world! Send me, and send many more people to help me. I am not worthy of this assignment, and you don’t need my help; but you allow me to participate in what you are doing right now on the Earth… thank you! I can’t wait to start working full time for you with EPP, Inc. Please bless my efforts and invest in EPP and help me build an awesome ShamRock Studio! I love you!   Amen! Xo ~Mar