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Run this race and you’ll have fun.

Love will help you with this run.

A new adventure

This love with Him

All life is renewed

Let it begin

Write about what’s on your mind

Look inside, you’re sure to find

All your hopes and all your dreams

They reach out with loving beams

His sweet love endures forever

Be with Him

It’s the great endeavor

Green Dude

You have a grin so wide

Bursting something inside

What do you have in mind?

Something for me to find?

What’s up your green felt sleeve?

You know I do believe

Your three leaf clover sings

What God’s redemption brings

I feel the luck today

May my turn come I pray

The chance I know is slim

But light is growing dim

I won’t let you forget

My prayer is still my bet

That God one day will shine

The luck of Irish mine.


You unlocked heaven’s door

A Joyous shout of  victory

All Pain and ills no more

Abundance you will pour

All Death is history

A Precious gift from God’s own son

Now gone is Misery

Prepare for Liberty

It Came at a great price

God Pours out love and mercy- life

An Offered sacrifice

So Come to paradise


Stomping through the house refusing to pray

He wished that hope would go away someday


Hating all that’s good and right

Dreamt he wins in every fight


He viewed each day as lonely dark and dank

Spending the nights alone he sat and drank


Little did he know that he

One day would awake and see


In the days that passed, slowly he renewed

Without knowing the goodness that he brewed


Love shined through his life one day

It happened without his say


I saw him change, the light shone brightly thru

With one instant choice, he became brand new


God took his dark heart of stone

Thru His mercy new life shone


He saw himself a villain

But now this hero’s chillin’



Werewolf Fortuneteller

Werewolf Fortuneteller, somewhere out in space
You’re laughing, tell me the time left in this race
The computer has the evidence so true
It shows many wiles and evil plays from you

Werewolf Fortuneteller, somewhere in this place
Stars are shining, you keep hoping, still no case
Defeated at each test, soon to be at bay
Crushed, black and blue bruised, with pride you limp away

Werewolf Fortuneteller, somewhere in my head
Thoughts come and go, soon I’ll be free of this dread
This fight is real and true, laughter in your face
Victorious I’m smiling looking at your losing case

Not Again

She slowly opened her eyes and squinted at the sun

Dutifully she tells herself to keep going, get up as the new day has begun

His voice is too quiet, too distant and faint

Unable to wrap her mind around what it could mean to be a saint

She thinks as she set her feet on the floor

“What I don’t understand is why this sadness is so impossible to ignore.”


When will that day finally come-

The new world with You as the sun?


Crying inside as she shuffles to her desk down the hall,

Life on this rollercoaster stumbling with a fall

Why again, why these nightly thoughts of wonder

How again did she skip her much-needed slumber

All the possibilities running through her head

Thinking to herself, “Why can’t I be more like You instead?”


Alone in her adoration He quietly tells her to just be

Be the love, be patient, simply believe, and soon you will see.

Thinking foolishly to her self, “That’s not good enough for me.”

She wants to know why, when, how, where, and at what cost

She wants you to hold her and tell her nothing is lost


Thoughts of illness, confusion and the drain of insanity

All that she fears and loathes remains a possibility

Not again, she pleads…

Not again. Not again.

Please God… something good.

Just, please God…not again.















Purple Roses

Now when everything is known

You and I can see

Everything is shown

Miles apart but the distance is unknown

Life inside where destiny waits

Purple roses from long ago

Dream our dreams and dazzle me too

Into you and I dream of you


We imagined it was Sunday

Everyday when the future came

Roses Purple with your knowing smile

Our dreams come true and I dream of you


Now when everything is hopeful

Total noble vocal that’s local

The life I dreamt grew

I never knew anyone like you

Waiting, Thinking, and I am tired

Tired but somehow even more inspired

Still in my dreams, you shine like the sun.



I chose to look the other way and become blind

Once again, You changed my mind

The change inside me

Turning sorrow to hope

Where I can once again see

Purple Roses from long ago

Dream our dreams and dazzle me so

Into you and I dream only of you

Only of you

One Square

I don’t know what i’m doing here

Questioning life with a beer

Sitting here just chillax

I’m trying to do my thing

Don’t know anything

Just looking ahead

With trust I will be led

Trust we will get there

Divine timing my song

Learning my lessons going along

Trying to be good

Like we all should

Singing a song or just humming along

Taking joy in little things

Like a tomato salad and tea on a windy spring day

Enjoying the ride

One square at a time

He shows me the way

One square at a time

And that’s ok

That’s the way

I like to follow

The simple way

One square at a time

And that’s ok


Let’s Do This

Let’s do this- he said to himself

time goes by and he still wonders why…

people going by not caring why

silently waiting and wondering why the deny

looks from another and starting to cry

inside still

but alive with a chill

coming to senses

growing defenses

bursting delights

into these sights

a brand spanking new

dazzling running shoe

running this race

no need to chase

he’s in the lead

just look at his speed!


Anticipation of the new creation

This house is about to burst

All set up for the jackpot

You’ve got to understand me

I’m really not a crackpot


Fighting for it all

I keep going in pursuit of this bliss

I’ve been created for this kiss

Love’s great adventure


All set up for disappointment

Only to be the one

To shine like the sun

Surprise for everyone but me

I’ve known it all along

Now I finally get to sing my victory song!


Now the work begins

Your bride to grin

Because of all forgiven sin

How about flying in a hot air balloon?

We will fly the Champagne sky

Looking down at your home

Chasing love as the sunset shone


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