It was 2014-She sat next to me in mass.  We were at the large hall instead of our church since it was being remodeled to put the blessed sacrament in the center.  Renovations of:  Redo the floors  and many other beautiful new alter and statues.  Marble and archways.



She/that lady- without words-Asked me if she could go to heaven being a demon an all… . (WHAT?!!!)


I told without words… I told  her calmly after thinking for a few seconds.  Then, slowly in love from my heart I replied without words spoken- that I didn’t know but if you repent and kneel in front of Jesus and declare Him Lord, she (the  friend of Satan) may be able to get into paradise-  I told her without audible words that I don’t know but it is up to God.


She looked real pissed off, huffed, and left before holy communion.  I guess she didn’t like my answer… Creepy.