Thank you, Father for the gift of your son and for allowing Jesus and Mother Mary to be in my heart today and always. Thank you for the beautiful Consecration blessing this morning. Thank you for Fr. D and Sr. C. Please bless them with the joy and love through the Holy Spirit. Thank you for allowing me the time to journal these board meeting minutes. Thank you for this new format of board meetings with first thanks, then review, then asking for forgiveness/resolution to do better. Then: Scripture/journaling. Followed by Q/A then closing prayers. I think this will be a much better order of board meetings going forward.


Thank you for being here with me day after day. Thank you that you never leave me! Thank you for the gift of hunger at zero so I can enjoy this chocolate chip cookie and cafe. Thank you for all the wonderful people in my life: my sweet, sweet husband, DB, My mom and dad. Thank you for Dr. Y and for good doctors that help all your children when they face physical health issues. Thank you for Dr. W and P- for the care they give me and many other patients.


I am sorry for my shortcomings in that last night, I don’t think I thanked DB enough for all his help with computers and helping my mom and dad, also that he picked up after himself. I really need to let him know how much I appreciate him. I am sorry that I have not spoken/prayed with you first thing in the morning and at night before I go to sleep. Help me be more aware of your presence and remind me to talk with you especially upon waking and before going to sleep. I would like to create a new habit of doing this. You are patient in putting up with me. I am sorry I am not more appreciative of being your daughter. I take it for granted sometimes. I am so blessed by you, Dad. Thank you! I resolve to do better. Please forgive me.


Scriptures for Dec 9th:

 Isaiah 40:25-31

… His knowledge is beyond scrutiny. He gives strength to the fainting… They that hope in The Lord will renew their strength, they will soar as with eagles’ wings. God’s attitude could be that he may be feeling that I am putting Him in a box that cannot contain His Greatness. His love is beyond anything I could imagine, and He is where my strength comes from. I will soar as with eagles’ wings; in Him, I can do all things for all things are possible with God. For since God is for me, who could be against me, then?

Psalm 103:1-4,8,10

Thank God that you are slow to anger and abounding in kindness! Alleluia! I am feeling so blessed and grateful for your love! I am free in your love, free of any anxiety because all that matters is your love for me. It is unending and you give me life, Lord! Thank you for your love- I am blessed by you!

 Matthew 11:28-30

“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves. For my yoke is easy, and my burden light. (How is God looking at me? How close is God right now?) God is looking at me and asking me “Mar, why do you worry about things? You are making everything difficult. Give it all to me, I will make your burden light!” God is looking at me lovingly, holding my hand and telling me that He will never leave me. Amen, Thank you, God!!!


Q1-Mom, thank you so much for forgiving me for all this time that I have not appreciated you or looked towards you for help. Will you help me trust you and look to you for all my needs, all the graces I need from God will come through your hands…could you please give me all the blessings that God has for me? Also, if anyone does not claim their graces, feel free to pass them along to me, for I need all the help I can get.

Q2-Jesus, thank you for giving us your mother as our mother. What can I do to help share your loving mother with other people that don’t understand the amazing gift you have given us all?

Q3-Dad, thank you for helping me realize that I am making things difficult by trying to organize it all by myself without your help. My worry is useless and is making my life more strenuous than you planned for me. My life should be pure joy in the light of your love and protection. Help me remember to give everything to Mother so that I realize I have nothing to worry about. She will orchestrate my life through the Holy Spirit- who will enliven, enlighten, and empower me to do the will you lay in front of me… one day at a time! My Question: Will you remind me when I forget and show me your yoke is easy if I allow you to help me out?

Q4-Holy Spirit, now that I’ve rededicated myself to Jesus through Mary, will you please enliven, enlighten and empower me to do the will of the Holy Trinity, through Mary’s coordination… I want you to have your way with me in my life… Can you do some good with it; can you use me for your purposes? Can you help me lead lost souls to your love and the forgiveness God offers through Jesus’ passion? I am so excited to be used, where to start? There is so much work to be done!!!


Answer Q1– I have many graces to give you. First, I want you to know that you are in my heart, I want only good things for you, and I will help you every day as you look towards us we will be able to express to you what needs to be done. The Holy Spirit will empower you to do all that is requested of you. I will coordinate everything. You only need to live in the moment- by our leading. You don’t need to worry and when you do worry, give it all to me and I will comfort you through my spouse, The Holy Spirit. I will help you in all things. I have many graces to pass along to you; you have much need indeed. All you need will be provided.


 Answer Q2-Thank you for wanting to share my mother with other people. As you understand this amazing gift and as you grow in your relationship with your mom, you will naturally shine in that love and as you talk with other people, you will share her with many. Your Trinity app will have much to do with Blessed Mother. She will be the organizer and party planner, hostess of the mostess for the Eternal Party!!! It’s going to be amazing, Mar! The best party eva! Mom will be with you and help you through all your struggles. It won’t be easy, but with her help and organization gifts, you will be successful in helping share God’s Love and Help usher in His Kingdom! Look to Mom in all things for she is the one that directs your steps through the Holy Spirit. To me, Jesus, through Her – that is the way to the growth that you need. You will find everything you need through her loving protection and guidance. She crushed Satan’s Head with her heel, we will allow you along with her to finish the job! It’s going to be fun but challenging. You will be persecuted but only offer it all up and your journey will be successful.


Answer Q3- Just remember my words to you today: “You make all things difficult by worrying. You can’t make anything better by your worry. You make all things more difficult than they need to be. Only have faith and focus on today. Just for today, think of today. Don’t look at the whole picture and try to figure it all out… let it reveal itself. There are many surprises in store for you! Enjoy. Don’t ruin it by worry!


Answer Q4Yes, Dear Mar, I will use you for helping bring other people to Jesus. You have a way of expressing yourself like no other. I will be able to use you for helping many lost souls come home. I know you are excited to be used. Why don’t you practice each day to do something for Trinity App- brainstorm it out! Also, you could look into gear for Shamrock Studios. You could write a song a week. You could plan EPP, Inc. Google for ideas. You need to also do at least one act of Mercy every day through Deed, Word or prayer. You are on the right track. You are such a hard worker and Dad is excited to start the biz also. He will be planning on investing but a little more time is needed. Things are being set in motion. Mother is coordinating many things – lining it all up for you. Relax. It’s all going to come to pass. Don’t worry. Listen to you Dad- “it only makes things more difficult”. We love you!


Closing Prayers: Thank you so much for your time today. I love coming to you in board meetings. I can’t thank you enough. Help me know what is you and what is “me” so that I don’t go too far off the deep end. If you could give me some kind of sign when I go off the deep end, I would appreciate it. I am really enjoying these ideas about the Business, EPP, Inc- I still just am not sure that It is your will and that I am hearing you correctly. Help me determine if I am thinking the right thoughts. I can only do what I can do. Lead me, Lord. Help me not be Grandiose in thought but only to look to you for your lead. I’m dreaming big “God-Sized” dreams. Only through you could you take your living enterprise in me to use my life for something good. I pray you can. I pray you will use me. Lead me, Lord. Please invest in EPP soon through the lottery, If you like, or any other means you see fit. Help me keep sane, healthy, and help me to eat when hungry and stop when satisfied. Lead me to a thin body that will glorify you and please you to be a temple you can use. I love you!