Thank you for all the gifts you’ve given me in the last day! I had a very helpful lesson on Guitar/Uke tonight. I enjoyed myself and am excited to write a song. Thank you in advance that you will help me out with it! Thank you for giving me the time to enjoy the beautiful day outside with a short run. Thank you for the Divine mercy class this morning and especially thank you for M. She is a blessing to our church and has so much good insights and information that is very helpful. Bless her and JW. for all the work they do for our group and for the church. Thank you that I am able to financially help sponsor children, I hope I am a good steward of all that you give me. Thank you for the work you give me to do for your Kingdom. Thank you that you have me in the palm of your hand. Oh, YES- Thank YOU for the great and hilarious sign you gave me yesterday after I left the board meeting at Paneras, you actually gave me the sign I asked for right there in the parking lot as I pulled out– the car in front of me had the license plate:

“777 1177” You are too amazing! I took that as yet another sign that you see me playing the lottery and you are in charge… I think I might just win one of these days! Thank you for the signals you put in my encounters. Thank you for your love, Dad!

As for actions that are rooted in sin/ some shortcomings: I was a little impatient with my dad on the phone today when I was asking for help getting appointments for him. I had a question and I got arrogant with him, impatient and rude. I have problems with trying to get him to listen to me, then He thinks I’m not listening to him because I am trying to say something… it’s difficult. He doesn’t listen to me and I’m not patient in listening to him say something that is completely not relating to my original question that he never heard. It’s exhausting trying to communicate with him sometimes. Help me be patient with him and please give me strength to deal patiently with these difficult moments. I’m sorry. Help me, Mother, in the future, give me peace, strength and patience.


Scriptures for tomorrow Dec. 10th: How does God see me in this moment?  Today I wore purple to mass per Sr. Charlene’s suggestion to dress for the mass’ occasion. (purple for advent worked well.)


Isaiah 41:13-20 “Fear not, I will help you.” God sees me as his daughter, not a maggot or worm as in the scriptures. Because he sent Jesus to be my redeemer, I am no longer called a worm, but his precious daughter; thanks be to God. My Redeemer Lives! He cares about me and will help me! Praise God for that, I need all the help I can get!!!

Psalm 145:1, 9-13b . The Lord is gracious and merciful; slow to anger, and of great kindness.

God looks at me with unimaginable patience and love. He forgives my shortcomings and blesses me beyond anything I could ever deserve. He has GREAT Kindness,-his mercy is endless. May all your faithful ones bless you, God. Help me make known to men your might and the glorious splendor of your Kingdom! Use me for this or any purpose you desire. I am available and open to any suggestions you may have. Thank you for your unfathomable Divine Mercy. I love you Jesus, and Mary. Save Souls. Help me help you save souls. I am always in Divine Time- praise God! Keep me in Divine Time and Divine Order. Amen.


Matthew 11:11-15 . John the Baptist; yet the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he… I am not sure what you are saying here to me… Is it because we have the Holy Spirit now and John did not have it since you had not risen yet from the dead? God sees me pure and whiter than the freshly fallen snow – washed in the blood of Jesus along with the Holy Spirit inside of me- we act as one. Thank you, Jesus!


Q1-Mom, I am exhausted. I am sorry I don’t have any great questions today but I would like to know how today was different from before yesterday’s consecration. I was still impatient with my dad… nothing seems to have changed. What am I doing wrong? I thought I would be a better, new improved and sparkly with more love and patience… what did I do wrong?

Q2-Holy Spirit, I want you to empower and enlighten me and help me be more loving… What do I need to do for this change to come to me?

Q3-Father, you know all things, you know my frustrations and impatience, especially with my dad… what do you suggest? I’m out of ideas. I’m impatient and unloving oftentimes. Help!

Q4-Jesus, I love you. Save Souls. Jesus, I want to help you save souls. Can you use some extra hands to help you out with this? Do you have any suggestions for what I can do to help save souls?


Answer Q1Don’t worry. Just keep to this new board meeting agenda. As you review your day, you will realize where you need help and together with us, you will improve. It will take a little time. You will adjust and grow each day in more love and patience. That could be your mantra; “More Love, More Patience, Come Holy Spirit- Enkindle my heart with the fire of your love.”


Answer Q2-Just like your mother says, pray: “More Love, Jesus, More Patience; Come Holy Spirit! Enkindle my heart with the fire of your love.” Just remember to pray for this every day.


Answer Q3-Pray. Pray. Pray to your mother. She will help you in all things. You have recourse to her heart. You need to pray to her for help, and you will see quick growth and you will know the love of Jesus. You will become the love of Jesus for others. Give your love away and it will be restored to you in even greater amounts. The more love you give, the more you receive. Your cup will overflow. Share it with the hurting and share this love with your family. That is what I suggest. Pray to your mother and give love freely as you have received freely.


Answer Q4Yes, I can always use extra hands to help save souls… that is the great commission! The suggestion that your Father gave you is what I would also say: Share my love with the hurting and share this love with your family. Pray to our Mom; she will always help you out with this. You also have a special assignment that will be successful. Trinity App and EPP, Inc. Shamrock Studios… these are all a part of our living enterprise that we will be able to use to help save souls. It will be fun, but this is serious. Souls need to be saved… there may be one little loophole, Mar.. I can’t say more, but just know that it will be amazing!


Closing Prayers:  Thank you, God for all your help and thank you that you will be able to use me for aiding in saving souls. Praise God for his Saving power! Thank you, Jesus!  xo!