Something good is going to happen… I can feel it!


Time is moving swiftly these days. Time has flown by. It seems as if I bought my first lottery ticket yesterday. It’s been 9 years of faithful and constant games of Mega Millions and Powerball every Tues, Wed. Friday and Saturday… each floating ball had a destiny to be my numbers. Every game. For 9 years. Prayers. Hopes. Belief that I will win… every game. That is not truly 100% accurate, but I would guess 99% of the time, I looked at the numbers in disbelief! How could I be wrong in my thinking?


The ticket is tucked away at the Safe Box at the Bank. I drove to Indiana to get the tickets since Illinois may be giving out “IOUs”. They don’t pay their winners in theory. I called the Illinois Lottery and asked them point blank if they are paying their winners. He couldn’t assure me and said that he couldn’t comment on that. Oh my. So, the 45-minute drive each way once a month was our tradition for quite a while. I will not give up. We win as long as we don’t give up. I am hopeful. Just the same as always… Who knows, maybe tonight I’ll win the big jackpot. If not, that’s ok with me. God knows what he is doing. God’s got this.


We are looking at a home… my dream home. It was for sale and now has a pending offer. I’m praying that God will give the buyers a job offer with a big pay increase somewhere far away so they change their mind. That or let the bank change their mind on the loan. Either way, I would be thrilled. That house would be another kind of Lottery. Let me tell you about this house. It is amazing! It has two courtyards: One in the front and another in the back. So the house has this fortress like fence all around the home. The house has a wall of windows and the living are is open to the roof with a half second story. It is beautiful and has a soundproof room over the garage for recording! The basement is perfect for recording also and the huge living are and courtyards would be perfect for house shows/parties that would be a blast to offer to local and touring bands.


In my mind, I would love to shake my dreams into reality. Miracles, signs and wonders… video taped and start ushering in God’s Kingdom with music! I am not sure how all will be revealed or what will all happen. I only know it is going to be incredible! I can hardly wait! If the house is sold, it just wasn’t meant to be. One day, I will build a home just like it if that’s the case. God will make it all come true. Thank you, God! Thank you, Jesus! You are amazing and wonderful and I could never tell you enough how much I love you and adore you! Help me. Help you save souls.


Please don’t let me miss my destiny. Please bless my efforts and make me into the person you know I will one day become. I am growing and learning every day. Show me your will. Help me have the courage to do whatever you ask. Help me kill my will; my flesh is in need of new management! I need your will to be done in my life. Help me heed to your leadings.