God Said… as in my heart I heard him say:

Ive got this… As He dimmed the light …to darkness a slow second- then back to bright shining on the blessed sacrament …for a slow second… As if a reassuring hug…  I felt a warmth inside my chest … and smiled a big sigh of relief.


It’s going to be better than you could ever imagine… He said with a grin laughing eyes as he looked the other way… Trumpets in the background filled my mind with joy.  Yes, I know it will be grand… So when can we start???!?!?! ;). I said.


He told me once He likes my tenacity…  In a good way…, so, I guess I’ll keep playing lotto with the knowing that He likes how I’m expectantly waiting… I keep thinking I’ll win, who knows maybe lightning will strike.  Maybe once.  Maybe twice?


God knows what’s going on- so I’ve been told in my dreams.  I pray He knows it all: how I try.  How I love.  How I just want to do his will.  It started as a dream now We shake this dream into reality