I saw a clear vision of my parent’s home


In a future that seemed not so

Far away


There grew a crowd all through the cornfield

Extending about two miles squared right behind their home

The multitude appeared surprisingly

Orderly as they danced

While in a zigzag line

The kind of zigzagged lines you see at a theme park


The line advanced slowly

Towards the ever so familiar

Brick house I knew so well

They didn’t mind and no one seemed in a hurry


As they got closer to the house

The visitors were drawn to a spectacular river

They knew they must cross it

Some were a little hesitant but most

Jumped at the chance to feel the

Cool water on their parched faces


It was a calm and crystal clear river

Softly bubbling as the water flowed

Across the gemstone rocks below

The healing river originated from a waterfall

I could hear from behind the house

A child told me that this water flows

From the cross of Christ


I saw thousands of people splashing and playing

As children do

Young and old alike


An elderly man using a cane

Hobbled into the water

Slowly he swam across this “River of Forgiveness”

As he came out of the water on the other side

His face shone and his wrinkles disappeared

His once balding head came forth

Now full of thick dark brown hair down to his shoulders


Grinning from ear he

Jumped up and down

Laughing and crying

I heard him shout

“I am made new! I am young again! Thank you, Jesus!”


The driveway going up to the house looked different

It was made of a black and white

Ska-checkered tile

A reflector sparkling clean in the sunlight


Strangely, it was my dad at the front door

As a kind of  “bouncer”

He joked with the people that were eagerly and patiently

Waiting to come inside

He shook their hands and invited

Them each to enter



Inside the large foyer the air

Sparkled and smelled like toasted marshmallows


Their eyes got big

As they looked into this new world

Which was now filled with a warm

Feeling of love and sunshine in the air


I heard Louis Armstrong and his Dixieland Band

Playing the familiar tune

“When the Saints Go Marching In”


About thirty people were in that first entry room

Having the time of their life

Hugging one another and

Singing along with

Tears of joy streaming down their faces


Further into the house stood a huge

Seven-storied aquarium

It displayed all kinds of fish

Dolphins and a coral reef that was spectacular

Alive and beyond amazing

The colors of each fish were vibrant

Appearing a like a masterpiece painting

Colors I’d never seen before on Earth


In my vision, I strained to see past the aquarium

I peeked further inside to get a closer look


Next, I found myself alone


Down a long hallway into a

White living room which had a

Royal blue couch

Designed in a crescent moon shape


A serene quiet enveloped me

The walls sparkled with diamonds

A delightful hue I’d never

Imagined or seen before

As I ventured around the corner

My jaw dropped


I saw it…


A wide purple and gold stairway

Adorned with flowers

Winding upwards gently

As far into the sky as I could see


I heard a familiar voice that

I recognized was my mom


The “hostess of the mostest”

I always call her

Because she always is


Lovingly she called me without audible words

I heard in my heart the invitation

To come upstairs and join

The party