Dad drove me to the grocery store to get some Diet RC Cola
The kind my mom used to like to drink
He bought me a ticket and I won $15
That’s a lot of money for a five year old
He insisted I share it with my sister

So now I drive I-74 East to Indiana once every 5 weeks
I’m not sure if Illinois pays their winners
I hand over my hard earned money to the kind
Rose and skull tattooed lady at the store
Faithfully purchasing my usual allotment
The next day I always put it in my small gray
Secure deposit box at the Credit Union for safekeeping

The victory bash seems near
“Invest in my dream, God?”
I always request and I tell him all that I’d do

Let me work in the Divine Family Business
In the Music Division Department of sharing your love
With a Miracle-Generating
Love-Amplifier recording studio
Dedicated to You

Now with technological advancements

Communication flies across the world

In an instant God can change the face of the Earth

I long to produce songs and offer

Something positive, something pure

In a space designated to make it all come true


It’s getting old, as I am too
Yet still each morning after the nightly drawing
I Google with a battered belief
As I peek at the numbers