Hey dad!


Wow, this break is going by so quickly!  I am trying to get in gear for a big change in 2019 or should I say a few big changes (plural).  I think OMAD and staring back to running is going to be a big help not only physically but mentally, too.  I need to get back into the energy mode.  I’ve been in sloth, lazy mode long enough!   (OMAD= one meal a day) where I fast 22-23 hours a day eating in a one to two hour window each day.  I hear it is great for lots of things – namely weight loss, longer life, disease fighting and autophagy which heals at the cellular level.  I want to be more on the vegan side maybe only eat a few eggs and some Kefir maybe, in addition to vegan diet.  What do you think?  I also want to start recording more of my own songs.  I always had fun doing that, even though they weren’t very good… I don’t care….. It was fun to me.


***mar, that sounds like a great plan!  I will help you with it and 2019 will be an amazing year for you.  I have many surprises for you!    Just take it one day at a time.  Plan your day and work your plan!  Together we plan and together we win!  Just remember that.  Include me in your planning sessions.  Do a plan session each night before you go to bed.  Ok? This is what will help you succeed! Let’s do one for tomorrow right now. Go to your calendar and lets get it set up for success!