Hey Dad!


Merry Christmas!!!  Happy birthday, Jesus!  Thank you for family, your love and presence with us this Christmas and for helping me with my struggles.  Thank you for coming to Earth…Lord, you came down here off your throne and became a little baby to redeem us all.  When Christ was born, the whole world changed!  Your Kingdom, Come and Your Will be Done!


I am so tired, I am sorry that I am so weak when it comes to the marathon of a Holiday. I think I need a nap.  I have no idea how my mom does all this for us.


*** it’s ok, Mar.  Don’t worry.  I know you try and I see your struggles.  Yesterday was a long 10 hour day and the stimulus with all that went on was a bit much for you.  You don’t need to feel guilty.  Everyone will be over to your house tonight but you don’t need to worry about it.  No one expects you to compare to your mom.  She is the hostess of the mostest! No one can compare to her dinners.  She has a lot of experience and the house for it!  Jesus just likes to see people happy at the Holidays, so that is your main goal tonight.  You don’t have to be sorry that you are so tired… you have limitations that aren’t your fault.  Go ahead and pick up the food for tonight and when you get back you will have a little while to rest up before everyone comes over. 


I will help you.  Love you, mar!




9:32pm- everyone left already and house is all cleaned up. Laundry in the wash, DB working on music, I paid the rent so it will go out tomorrow morning and I just wanted to thank you, God!  We all had a great time tonight- we ate mom’s delish dish of pasta, desert, played poker and mom and I sang karaoke while M played the snare drum to little drummer boy. Great day.  Happy Birthday, Jesus!  I hope you had a good day!  Earlier today, I felt so tired and shaky worrying about throwing a dinner party. I had nothing to worry about.  I don’t know why I got so stressed beforehand. Thank you so much, God, for the best family in the world.  They put up with me and are great to hang out with.   This is my second holiday without drinking and it is more enjoyable this way! So, I’ve not drank for almost a year and a half, now.  Don’t miss it.  It’s just a waste of calories and a brain fogger.  I don’t need that, my brain needs all the help it can get just to get by! Lol.   Hey Dad… I was wondering if you think we could win the lottery tonight? Commencing count down… engines on. Check ignition… and may God’s love be with you.  Lift Off. 3.2.1. Liftoff?  I hope I haven’t messed up your plans.  Or, maybe I’m confused about what you want from me? I’m stepping through the door… and I’m floating … the stars look very different today…


Twenty minutes to the floating balls… thought I’d just mention to you that if you wanted me to win… tonight would be a great gift to DB. He deserves all the best and I really don’t want anything but the go ahead to start EPP, Inc.  I’m geared up for it.  I hope I passed any tests.  I know I was a little shaky earlier today, but we finished good, right? 17 minutes to blastoff?  Love you, whatever happens.  Just know I’m ready and excited to start the next chapter when you are.  Your will.  Not mine. Love you, Dad!