You won’t break your promise

Even if called a doubting Thomas

Golden Streets the common pavement

Mansions…lives filled with endless entertainment

Music never imagined before

Rocking eternity with your sacred score


We all yearn to know

Even if we don’t let it show

Got to be something more

This we can’t ignore


Beautiful island in fields of love

A home coming parade from up above

Kewl King of my heart!

My hero, my superman, you’re off the chart

Invade my life -make me your queen

Turn this town to a mighty music scene



Who can come in denial with a hate citation?

Hope for the loophole: “love for creation”

But don’t ask me- I’m in sales not administration


The promise land-in paradise with you

A family reunion – bodies brand new

Sickness, sadness and poverty no more

New life with you is never a bore

Laughing, singing and shining bright

This -my beautiful dream tonight