2017-01-10 09:56pm

The odds are for me


Thank you, God, that the odds are for me. In the “natural” it does look like it. As the years go by, I feel more and more defeated but I never give up on you! My dreams, and my hopes of winning the lottery, building ShamRock Studios and Eternal Party Peopleā€¦ we are ready to rock! You are in control and New York cannot stop your plans. I ask in Jesus’ name. Father, please Guide the following numbers to float up at the right time: I am your living enterprise. Use me, Lord! Send me! I come to do your will. I am asking, seeking, and knocking on your door.


Every father knows to give good gifts to their children… how much more would my Heavenly Father who has all things under his control… you can Do whatever you please. You bless your children with so many good gifts. Thank you so much for all that you have given me! Mental stability, loving family, all our material needs and most of our “wants” – you provide for me in all that I need when I need it. Thank you that the odds are for me in the lotto because when you want something… you get it! All you need to do is breathe that into reality with a second of your intent. I believe. Your daughter has this request, but most importantly I pray for my dad’s health to be restored with a new and healthy heart. Please send your angel with a new heart for him. I love you, Father God! Thank you, Cheers! ~mar