2017-01-29 10:35pm

Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit… help me help you save souls!


Thank you, Dad, that you are in control and have all things planned for your children. There is so much evil in the world. Only Jesus can make all things right. Come Lord, Jesus, bring your light and love to the world. We need your love, your peace and your will to be done on Earth. Thank you that you can use me in whatever way you decide is best.


I ask you… Lord, send me! Use ShamRock Studio, Eternal Party People, Inc. and our lives for your glory. Save all your children from the grips of the evil one. Let all see your light. Wake up your children from their slumber. Help me get your invitations to the Eternal Party out to the world and let everyone in their heart say, “YES! I choose you, God!” Let Jesus touch their hearts, Lord. Let all your plans come to pass exactly as you want it to unfold.


Dad, I pray that the dreams you placed in my heart come true in accordance to your holy will! I am your living enterprise and God cannot fail! Help me help you save souls. Bring your entire family of children home. Use me to help show your love and share your laughter, joy, peace, provision and concern for your children. Bring your music to earth with all your miracles, signs and wonders to break this dream into a reality.


May all people see your power and know your love for them. Please make ShamRock Studio your home for your most Holy Spirit through me and all the artists that come for a visit. May miracles break through for a revival unknown of before, a habituation of your love… not just a visitation… a habitation of your will and spirit to cover the ends of the earth!


Please get me into your will and not to miss out on your lead. Help me obey. Help me hear and heed your word. I am sorry for being so rebellious and stubborn. Help me obey your lead in all things and especially in the “small” leanings you give to me to help me lose the weight. Please bless Gwen and please help me stay on track. I need your help in this endeavor. I am sorry that it is so hard for me, when I know your leanings and then do my way instead. I am so sorry. Help me wait for your growl and leading to eat and please help me follow you. Your ways are the best! I am so weak. Please give me the strength to get this right before you.