2017-01-06 06:08pm

Florida Shootings


Dear Jesus, I am so tired of the violence, evil and hatred that is so prevalent in the world. Please help all who are involved and heal their wounds: Physical, mental and spiritual wounds. Please send each person some special love, healing, blessings and a touch of your presence tonight for all the people that were at the airport today, all the police and victims. I offer a special prayer for the shooter who is mentally ill and just got back from Iraq.


Please stop the terror and help us deal with making the world a better place. Show us what we each can do and Jesus, please soon come with your powerful love and heal our broken hearts. Bring your peace and light up our world with your life-giving saving grace. We need you. Show me what I can do to help. I will do your will, make me your hands, feet, mouth and I want to be used as your living enterprise; make me your instrument of peace. I love you.


Thank you for sanity, our home, our jobs, our health, family and friends, so many blessings… thank you so much for taking such good care of me. Please help me start the next chapter of my life. Bring lottery winnings to my bank account if it is in accordance with your Holy will… make ShamRock Studios and EPP, Inc. a new beginning for me. It’s a fun dream. Please don’t be mad at me to always ask for it. I was told to dream big… so, I do my best. Lol.


Come Lord, Jesus. Fill my life with your love and give me instructions each day. I wait for my marching orders. Whatever the cost… I say yes. Show me what you want me to do with my life and give me the grace and courage to do it.