Hey dad!


Lol… hi!  You have to best sense of humor!  I love it when you pop right into conversation with those two words… “Hey dad!” I love your works of art, too! The funny invasion of the squirrels devouring the corn and bird seed we put in the back yard… the “wall of windows” makes it perfect like we are right in the backyard with them.


I’m listening to Calling Home… Major Tom with Bill Shatner’s vocal track… so funny.  5,4,3,2,1, zero… ignition.  Lift-off. I’m ready and the actual jackpot for Christmas with MegaMillions is 321 Million.  The countdown starts?!!  Nothing left to chance.  All is working… send me up a drink- jokes major Tom.  Haha.  What a great gift that would be for DB and me, and hopefully the gift grows into the age of miraculous in Music… miracles for everyone… warming hearts to faith in you. My prayer.  My crazy little prayer.  I’m on a mission from God… Lol- just like the Blues Brothers!  So funny.   I love you, Dad!


***Huston- Roger, we copy and we’re standing by for your cd.  You catch the smallest clues I send to you.  You saw the billboard “You’ve Got This” and the numbers that have been associated for your continued faith and hope for my investment to be finally made.  The fact that you’ve hung on this long to your dream after so many years and hardships, means that I can’t leave you hanging on forever.  I hear you and I am so glad you hear me.  It’s going to be amazing!  Keep coming to these briefings so we can be on the same page.  There is much work to do!


Have a great Christmas.  I am glad you are looking forward to seeing everyone and the gift exchange.  You got some nice gifts for everyone.  Enjoy mass tonight (4th week of advent celebration) and mass tomorrow with everyone at 4pm Christmas Eve, and then if you can make it, come to 8am mass on Christmas morning!  You will love it!  Enjoy. Talk with you soon!  Keep looking for my lead.  Rest and enjoy. Repeat.