Hey dad!


Sorry for attempting a super quick meeting… I only have 5 or 10 minutes.  We’re headed out to mom and dad’s house for Christmas Eve Dinner celebrating your birth, sweet Jesus!  I am sorry that I get so worked up over your Holiday!  Looks like it will be fun but a lot of people and a lot of family relations and all that goes with that.  I made a huge salad and garlic bread.  (Not too much garlic, though.) ten of us together.  Yikes.  Help me be calm, cool and collected tonight and tomorrow.  You’re the reason for this amazing season… help me remember to be kind, loving and helpful.  I feel good this year.  Sleep great last night and slept in this morning so I will have energy to last through midnight celebration mass at Holy Cross.  DB wanted to go with me for the great music.  Thank you for helping me endure what I deal with in my mental struggles. It looks like you’re with me so far helping me remain sane and with a good mood, loving spirit, and positive outlook.


***I am always with you.  Thank you for offering to host dinner tomorrow at your house.  Your mom really appreciated it.  I will watch over to make sure nothing gets spilled that would stain like the wine… so don’t worry about that.  Don’t expect people to be any different, so be prepared not to care what goes on with everyone.  You just relax and enjoy.  You do have a great stability today and tomorrow will be the same.  Smile.  Breathe. Know how much we love you.  Thank you for making Christmas a joy for others.  Next year we can do pizza.  Lol. Remember that family is important and DB loves it when you are helpful to your mom.  Relax.  Merry Christmas, mar!